Looking For Nigerian Police Aptitude Test Sample Questions, Find Out Here

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2016

The Nigerian Police Force is currently accepting applications, soon the application process will be over and the next stage is screening and aptitude test. Most applicants are always eager to get an idea of how the test questions are set, below are samples from past police recruitment test.

1) When was Nigeria Police Force(NPF) established?

ANSWER: 1930

2) What are the objective of Nigeria Police Force?

ANSWER: The Nigeria police force objective is to enhance the quality of life in our country by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment .

3). What is the Nigeria police force motto?

ANSWER: the police are your friends

4) What is the name of Nigeria Police Force IGP?

ANSWER: IGP Solomon Arase

5) Who is the present Chief of Defence Staff?

ANSWER: Major Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

6). What is the full meaning of NPF?

ASWER: Nigeria Police Force

7). What is the full Meaning of IGP?

ANSWER: Inspector General of Police

8). Who is the current Senate president of Nigeria?

ANSWER: Sen. Bukola Saraki

9). What year was Nigeria Police reorganized into 7 area command?

ANSWER: 1986

10). When did Nigeria got her independeence?

ASWER: 1 october 1960

11). Name the government agencies that supervise the affairs of Nigeria police force?


i). The Police service Commision(PSC)

ii). Ministry of police affairs

iii). The Nigeria police council(NPC)

12). When did Nigeria become a Republic?

ANSWER: 1 october 1963

13). What is the staff strength of Nigeria police force?

ANSWER: 371,800 officers

14). Name the 7 area Commands of Nigeria police force?

ANSWER: (Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun.)

15). what year did Nigeria civil way started and ended?

ANSWER: Started 1967 and ended 15th jan. 1970

16). who is the first Executive president of Nigeria?

ANSWER: Alh. Shehu Shagari

17) Which year was Nigeria flag designed and who designed it ?

ASWER: Nigeria flag was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959

18) Who is the current Speaker of Nigeria House of Representative?

ANSWER: Yakubu Dogara

19) what is the Current population of Nigeria?

ANSWER: 183 million

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  1. Dear sir,
    My names are Mr. Temitope Olajide, Male, one of the applicant of 2016 Nigeria Police Force Recruitment.

    I am very glat to get the copy and infomation on N.P.F. Aptitude test here at this site.

    Together we shall work to combat crime and secure our Country for the betterment of every citizens.

    So help me God!

  2. Optimistic effort Mr. President, your precision is legendary.
    We Nigerian are vary impress by the commitment of the recruitment into Nigerian police force.
    I will be glad to be Nigerian police.and I will be faithfull to serve Nigerian with all my heart

  3. may God help me, am ready 2 contribute my own guota 2 d enhancement of security, and for the fortcoming exam bias used avoided. may God help me amen

  4. Sir my names are Rasheed Abass Adekunle am one of the appllicant for the 2016 police recruitment. sir may God help me am ready to contribute my own quota to towards the enhancement of security in the country.

  5. Sir, am Njoku Chigozie- boys` brigade officer. The test sample is good; but is the test only on current affairs, what are the other subject areas.. I join hands to reposition the image of NPF once given the opportunity.

  6. I like what I see in this site. keep it up. salary scale for recruit is too poor. pls consolate and constable is it the same thing?

  7. dear sir,
    my name is christopher have fill the form online, also have signed my guarantor form pls wats the next stage to do thanks…

  8. Sir,


    About question number fifteen (15) of the Nigeria Police Force Aptitude Test:- What year did Nigeria Civil Way started and ended?

    Please, is it Civil Way or Civil War?

    I think it should be Civil War.

    Thank you sir.

  9. My names are omovigho dollor from delta state. I want to say a big thank you for provid those guestion and answer

  10. I promise to serve nigeria with all my heart if i admitted into police college! May Allah help us to pass our exams amen.

  11. May d lord at heaven help me 2 pass d exam n other screanings of d NPF so also my brothers n sisters who has applied.

  12. sir am Egong Theresa James an applicants of the NPF 2016 I wish to know if the forms should be submitted before the exam/screening date. and really appreciate the PSC for their effort towards this recruitment, I personally have waited for this recruitment I believe God will help me through all it would take Amen

  13. In fact so grt see positive changing in npf by d wat president and IGP may God bls nigeria to see grt reform in d force.

  14. am Felix ilomechine.I so much thank God for this opportunity.I pledge my loyalty and to serve my country with all my strength..pls when is the screening and how is it going to be.and where is the venue ?

  15. My name is abdulmalik yusuf i wish you all the best my dear brothers and sisters and also pray for our lord to choice better for us and i beg my brothers &sisters as soon as the screening time@table out pls allert me through this no 07035742947 my allah guid us ammeeen

  16. pls sir I am musa zekeriyau.is almost a long time that I want b a police I need to serve Nigeria with all my strength pls sir I dont have help am an uppern and my brother and my sister are kid pls I need ur help sir I take God begg u sir.pls if the times of exams screening cms pls this my contact sir.0872874640

  17. Why did npf courage education of their staff officers without upgrading their certificate or degree when obtine after completion.

  18. With GOD i wil b amount d pple dat wil b recuirt dis year, das my prayers unto GOD. AND I WIL SAV WITH ALL MY STRENT


  20. please God as my father died trying to fight for his country in the Nigerian police force so I pray that God will favor me and be enrolled in to the police as to continue from where he stopped help me God.


  22. The Lord is my shepherd i shall not want. I believed in God who i serves he doesnt disapoint his children. My name is already first on the list in Jesus name Amen.

  23. I Trust My Almighty God For Another Great Opportity I Not U We Not Fail Me Because In Name Is Already De.

  24. someone posted a phone number for us to call that he/she will help to shortlist our names.is’nt that a fraud?

  25. thank you so much for that vital information, It is my second time of application as an SSCE candidate and i have a lot of hope this time

  26. I apply to be to be a police is because it is always my dream,i thank God who made it able that today,i was able to buy the form and wait for the exams,i pray that God will happen me make my dream comd true,and i promise to work harder to make my dream come true,GOD WILL BLESS EVERY YOU AS U OFFER MY REQUEST AND I PROMISE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES AND REGULATION

  27. I really thanks to God who give me the opportunity to apply for this job,,,,,,, but please when was Nigerian police force will start attitude test in all the 36 state…. When, where, time, date, month……………….

  28. It has always been my wish to serve my contry nigeria,i hope this is better opportunity.i pray it work 4 poor pple like me..

  29. Obviously, people suffer in other to better the lots of our great country Nigeria. Why should I not contribute?

  30. Age limit is every good, but limit should b within 28 & 34, bcos nigeria need more able men & women dat is married n responsible 2 occupy d position in NPF. Exam should b d best medium 2 reduce d population f applicants.

  31. I love the nigeria police force with the whole of my heart, i want god to bless them to carry out thier good job in other to promote peace and unity in our country nigeria. GOD help me to be part of this journey

  32. My Able God said to me : ‘ you are a lucky winner and a successful candidate’ and I said to him ‘thank you Daddy’.

  33. There Are People Who Will Join This Police Force That Their Age Will Be More Than 38yrs Old. This Is Nigerian We Should Stop Disceiving People.

  34. I wish my name shall be included among the successful candidate,by the grace of God I shall be honest and fearful to my God, not to do as the multitude does, one thing I will not let go is this, I will not allow the here’s past to be in vain,and also to focus on the objective to make sure that it must be achieved. Thanks

  35. with God almighty, I no I shall be a winner because nothing is impossible fr God to do bt my belive is these? if it is the well of my almighty God fr me to join the NPF let his well be done, and I promised to be loyal, honest,diligent, to obey the Nigeria flag, nd the peace and unity.My God let your will be done upon me.good luck to all the applicants.

  36. I may like to say a big thanks to the lord for have mercy on everybody that apply for NPF God should protect us Amen

  37. To All Applicants…May God Do For You In This Forthcoming Nigeria Police Recruitment Screening Examination What You Cannot Do For Yourself. I Prophesy To One Million Of You!!! YOU MUST SUCCEED. You Are The Reason For This Season Of NPF. YOU ARE FAVOURED. If You Believe It Type” I HEAR YOU SIR AMEN”


  39. Pls give past question of nigeria army..send it directly to my email if u have it..the exercise is tommorow pls

  40. i love the npf because of there braveness and wisdom in there general duties. By the grace and will of God. i will be working with them this year in Jesus name amen

  41. Now its our turn by its GRACE. NPF together We Standards. I believe i will be Among the successful applicant. The objective of NPF says.

  42. I wish to have a comprehensive past questions and answers of the Nigerian Police Force. Can anyone please help!

  43. I love this, kudos to you guys… But how can npf write a date in this form 6/10/2016, I know it can be write in dis way, but we are not use to writing date in this form in Nigeria, so I think dey did it to confuse many people. I and mind friend have already think it’s October 6, 2016. Not until will received another text msg from ngcareers.

  44. Please I would like to know how to check my name on the list. It appears the present shortlist on the web is for general duty applicants. I applied for a specialist position and I have not received any message via email nor text. Any advice?

  45. I am among the aplicant and i register from another state i want to know if my name will apear in the state i register or my state of origin

  46. Nigeria Police Force (N.P.F) 2017/18 late registration exercise phase-2 (NIGERIA POLICE FORCE RECRUITMENT EXERCISE FOR 2017/18 registration is still ongoing call A.S.P OSIFO a senior officer direct from ABUJA HEAD OFFICE CONTROL ROOM TO GET REGISTERED VIA 08130921972) also for candidates that were not successful in the phase-1 released batch for screening and examination can also call him for help in getting their names uploaded online within 12 hours hurry now before it gets too late – did you miss out in the just concluded Nigeria police 2017 online recruitment registration due to financial constrains or other reasons,,? And would like to get registered for the 2017 online recruitment registration,,? then all hope is not lost as you can get registered directly from the head office control room Abuja with the help of A.S.P ajayi benson a senior Police officer..hurry now and call him for this help before the registration portal will be finally closed via telephone on 08130921972..Also this goes out to all prospective candidates that were not successful in the phase-1 selection,,and would want to get there names uploaded online inorder for them to be eligible for the 2017 Nigeria police screening exersise/examination..this can be possible with the help of A.S.P Benson as he can get your name uploaded online within 12 hours as he works in the head office control room ABUJA..Hurry now and call him for these assistance on 08130921972 as it is better to measure and cut once than not to measure and cut twice..make your dream a reality of been an officer of the Nigeria police force today call A.S.P BENSON FOR HELP VIA 08130921972..

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