Important Information For Muslim Batch A Stream “II” PCM Going To Camp On Monday

NYSC stream II
NYSC stream II



MCAN National executives had a meeting which was favourable to a significant extent with the NYSC DG; Brig. General Suleiman Zakariya Kazaure. The DG immediately acknowledged the presence of MCAN after he finished a meeting with all state coordinators and camp Commandants across the country. As soon as delegates were settled for meeting, the DG rushed into informing MCAN about the Packages already made by the scheme to ensure there is flexibility for Muslims who are fasting in the camp.

After his submissions, MCAN National Amir; Br Abdullahi Imam Ishaq informed the DG about how worried a lot of Muslims and Muslim organisations are, due to the camping period which was fixed during Ramadan. In response to this, the DG reemphasised that it was a very difficult decision to fix the date during Ramadan, he further stated that so many parents and PCMs claimed they were already too tired of sitting at home, a case of Muslim and non-Muslim PCMs who came to protest at the NYSC secretariat was also sighted, therefore the management of the scheme decided to fix the camp date as soon as money was released. The DG equally made his effort of how much he tried to communicate with some Islamic figures within the country before the date was fixed known to MCAN. After receiving some recommendations from MCAN, The following are the packages prepared for Muslim PCMs;

Identification of all Muslim Corps member: MCAN representatives across Nigeria shall be supportive during the NYSC registration process in camp to gather the list of all Muslim corps members who are fasting and design a suitable meal time table in collaboration with state coordinators for the convenience of those fasting.

Flexibility and selection of MEAL: Muslim corps members in camp shall have the opportunity to select how they want their meal to be, in terms of Solid or light meal and which kind of available meal on NYSC list they will like. This will be organised through MCAN representatives and selected Muslim corps members in camp.

Exhaustive camping activities is very much optional, any Muslim who cannot bear the camp Training should sit and watch those involved in it, however, on no account should any Muslim abuse this privilege by sleeping in the Hostel when they are not expected to.

Sisters can use their Long Hijab as they like in as much as it is white but Long Hijab should not be used on Parade ground and drill ground. The DG promised no official will disturb any sister on Hijab, However, they should be as abiding and complying as much as possible. The NYSC PRO; Mrs Aderibigbe also added to this point by advising that sister can also stay in the masjid instead of going to parade ground with long hijab.

MCAN members can volunteer to be part of cooking committee to assist in cooking food that will be suitable for fasting corps members. In respect of this point, MCAN encourages PCM who will be in camp to make themselves available to prepare sahur and iftar for their colleagues.

Muslims can spend more time in the mosque to carry out some of their religious rite which requires such, In fact , any muslim corps members who feels his fate cannot bear the camping environment as they are fasting should use the Masjid after, after they must have informed the MCAN Amir of their respective state. However, this has to be under a serious control system in order to prevent abuse of such opportunity. MCAN representatives who must have meet with state coordinators will help in coming to a consensus with the state coordinator and camp commandant in regards to this.

With a mutual understanding between MCAN executives, Members and NYSC state Management, In Shaa Allah we believe the Camping shall be successful. In respect of this, we advise all Muslim Corps members to register with MCAN on the first day of getting to camp so as to know the Total number of Corps member fasting and proper arrangement will be made for them.

Aside this, the DG assured MCAN of ensuring Hijab Is not an issue within the scheme, He also bought the idea of a proposed Unity conference to be organised by MCAN in collaboration with NCCF and NCCA. In addition, MCAN recommended to the DG that there should be provision of more NYSC lodges to accommodate both Muslims and Christian corps members, as there is record that some corps members were stranded or had nowhere to stay in states where they know no one and there are shortage of MCAN, NCCF or NCCA lodges during PPA registration process. Also, majority of the Corpers’ lodges are rented by these bodies at outrageous cost. The DG gave the assurance that the issue will be looked into and ideas on way forward are welcomed. At the end, MCAN presentend some gift items to the DG.

Finally, In as much as the camping will be less demanding for those fasting and measures has been put in place to Protect the spirituality of Muslims during this camp, WE PLEADE TO ALL MUSLIM CORPS MEMBERS NOT TO ABUSE THE PRIVILEDGE and report anyone who might take advantage of such privilege to the right authorities. Additionally, the second Phase of MCAN registration shall be done in the camp Mosque.



On this note, everyone cannot be satisfied but this is how far Allah has brought MCAN in regards to the issue at hand. We therefore seek the forgiveness of Allah wherever we went wrong.

PLEASE, KINDLY ENSURE TO SHARE TO 2016 stream, ii PCMs BECAUSE IT IS USEFUL TO THEM. JazakAllahu khaira (May Allah “God” reward you with goodness)

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