This gold club is run by karatbars international in affiliation with BeepMagnet Int’l Limited. BeepMagnet Int’l is a reputable Nigerian Company that have built its tentacles across National frontiers.

Karatbars is a simple business where people can exchange their money for gold. In the past this was never possible because..

  1. People didn’t know where to buy 999.9 Currency grade gold.
  1. They could only buy it in ounces, bars or large amounts.

Karatbars through BeepMagnet International have made gold accessible to the masses by providing one grams amounts in a beautiful Karatbars card. These cards have been certified by the LMBA, London Bullion Market Association.


Once you join Karatbars as a customer or as an affiliate you can have your Karatbars card delivered to your home.

No one needs to ask “What is Gold?”

Gold is the best way to preserve your wealth… gold is the only asset that has proven the test of time its inflation-proof and always increase in value..

The timing for Karatbars is brilliant.

Just at a time when people don’t trust the banks and are looking for safe ways to invest their money along comes Karatbars. A safe, easy way for people to own their own gold in a manageable monthly savings plan!


The risk is almost zero. For the customer the only risk is in how much gold they would like Karatbars to store and how much they want delivered.

For the affiliate the risk is a one off payment to start and once you earn that back in a few weeks your risk is gone. You aren’t actually asking people to spend… just save!


Karatbars need people to promote the business and have set up different ways by which you can earn an income. You can become an affiliate by signing up for free at https://www.karatbars.com/signup.php?s=loveoladele , then you buy your own package, there are 4 packages available

Bronse: $135 or N26,500

Silver: $400 or N86,000

Gold: $900 or N185,000

V.I.P Package: $2100 or N420,000

Please note that you can buy a higher package at any time (upgrade). You will receive a discount on the higher package because you already own a package. For example, if you have the silver package ($ 400) and you want to get the gold package ($900) , you get a discount on your gold package, you only pay $ 550. Some members decide to go with the silver package and then upgrade to gold and VIP , while some started from bronze and upgraded later

Karatbars – Earn by helping people save

All affiliates earn commission on all the gold saved by their customers. The more customers you have the more you can make. This does not involve you recruiting anyone as affiliates. Just customers who save.

Karatbars – Earn by encouraging others to become an affiliate

Karabats wants to have as many affilitaes as possible so as you join as an affiliate, they encourage you to encourage your friends, colleagues and family members to become an affiliate too and by doing so you make plenty of money.

You can use the marketing material in your back office and you will get your own personal website address. This is a simple business which anyone can run full or part time both online and offline.


The Affiliate Program is very generous and gives you seven primary ways to earn money and free gold,

Direct commission

Package (Cycle) Bonus

Dual Team Bonus

Uni-level Bonus

Generational Bonus

Karatbars Pool

Karatbars Gold Fund

The Uni-level Pay Plan (Direct Commissions from your referrals), and a Dual System; if you are an affiliate with a package, then you are automatically enrolled in both.

In the Uni-level Pay Plan, you receive a direct commission of every person you sign up, depending on your package, rank, or volume.

Bronze package, you will receive 5% direct commission

Silver package, you will receive 10% direct commission

Gold package, you will receive 15 % direct commission

And with a VIP, you will receive 20 % direct commission

The dual system is a true dual system, and not a binary system. In a binary, at the end of the month you are paid on your weakest leg and the company keeps the profit from your power leg. Then you start all over the next month.

In a dual system, you are paid on both legs. Once one leg accumulates 50 units and the other leg accumulates 25 units, you cycle. Units are given for each item purchased by your referral, such as a package or Karatbar cards. For instance… if a referral on your left leg buys a Silver Package that is already 20 units. And if a referral on your right leg buys a Gold Package that is worth 50 units. So you would only need 5 more units on your left leg to get a cycle… so you can see that it is not very difficult to cycle regularly.

The package you signed up will determine how much you earn.

Bronze package you will be paid 10 EURO per cycle

Silver package you will be paid 40 EURO per cycle

Gold package you will be paid 60 EURO per cycle

And with a VIP you will be paid 80 EURO per cycle

Some people cycle 6, 8, 10 times in one week… some people cycle that much in one day!

Every product that Karatbars offers has a unit value attached. A cycle is generated once you have 50 Units on one side and 25 Units on the other. Cycle pay outs are paid out EVERY Friday! All remaining units stay in place to qualify for the next weeks income.

Here is the beauty of it. At the end of the week (as we are paid weekly on the dual system), the units stay there until you accumulate enough units on your other leg to cycle again… and it pays you to infinity! So if someone 100 levels down from you purchases a package, you will still receive the units on that leg. No matter how large your organization grows, you will always maintain every unit earned in your organization. All you need is to refer a minimum of two partners and place one on the left and one on the right. The next step is to help them refer their two or more partners.

Things to note before you register

The package you choose has a big impact on your compensation plan, which is why I would like to first explain the packages before you start to dive into the compensation plan.

BRONZE package

Package Content:

1 x 100 € discount (to purchase VIP package and some specified products)

1 x 3 % discount for 1 year on all 1g cards

KaratBars brochures

DVD presentation

Commissions unlocked:

5% of personal commissions ( on packages, gold and products)

€ 10 per cycle

SILVER package

Package Content:

Your first Karatbars Gold Card 1g

2 x 100 € discount (to purchase VIP package and some specified products)

2 x 3 % discount for 1 year on all 1g cards

KaratBars brochures

DVD presentation

Commissions unlocked :

10% of personal commissions ( on packages, gold and products)

40 € per cycle

GOLD package

Package Content:

Two cards of 1g of gold

7 x 100 € discount discount (to purchase VIP package and some specified products)

5 x 3 % discount for 1 year on buying 1g gold cards

KaratBars brochures

DVD presentation

Commissions unlocked:

15% of personal commissions ( on packages, gold and products)

60 € per cycle

VIP package

Package Content:

Three cards of 1g of gold

20 x 100 € discount ( to purchase VIP package and certain specified products )

10 x 3 % discount for 1 year on all 1g cards

KaratBars brochures

DVD presentation

Commissions unlocked:

20% of personal commissions ( on packages, gold and products)

80 € per cycle


Much from payroll cycles . The cycles are from the points your team generate. Note that the points are not lost at the end of each month ( like many companies). Whenever you get 50 points in one arm and 25 in your other arm you will cycle (10, 40, 60 or 80 euros) depending on your package.


How many points are generated ? Here is the complete list :

Bronze = 5 points

Silver = 20 points

Gold = 50 points

VIP = 100 points

1g of gold = 1 point

Champagne = 4 points

Whenever you have sales in your team (whether you sponsored person or not), you will get points and that to infinity in your team! There is no limit ! And these points are never lost !

The Unilevel (or residual)


There are different ranks for the unilevel. The ranks are reached with points that are not related at all with points for cycles. Points we are talking about are calculated and based on the total sales of your personally sponsored and their affiliates and so on to infinity. For 2 euros , it is 1 point. So for 1000 euros you make 500 points. The number of points will determine your ranking and therefore your percentage (%) of residual income you will get. There are also higher levels ranging up to 6 % residual. I won’t go into those details for now. You must start at the beginning and gradually, as you gain experience in KaratBars, you will understand better the system of commissions.

5 Other methods of commissions

KaratBars has a very rich compensation plan. There are other forms of income that are calculated using fairly complex methods. It will give you the right to monetary compensation and/or additional gold. See below the compensation plan for more details on the payment methods. Do not worry, everything is done automatically and your commissions are deposited directly onto your KaratBars Prepaid MasterCard.

The incentives

Incentives are gifts given by the company to KaratBars affiliate who develop large teams. It’s based on the amount of gold grams that is sold through your organisation.


Signup as an affiliate for free at https://onceamonthgoldclub.beepmagnet.com/register/ and become a member

If you want to make money with Karatbars which is the most simple straightforward business you will EVER do. You do not have to make, design, or invent anything.

After registering

You need to have $135 or $400 to either buy a Bronze or Silver package.

If you have registered and NOT bought a package you are missing out on points and commissions from people buying below you in the dual system.

You earn Points or Units but only AFTER you have bought your package.

This is what you get for $400 today… Real Products, Real Business Pack and you will have it delivered to you in few days.

Your only job is simply to help the company spread the awareness to the world. Now here is where the fun lies in. after you succeed to bring at least two people into the program, all you need to do is to encourage them to also bring in two people. You will not have to pay or buy anything at all. Naturally, the two people you refer will go out and repeat the same process of recruiting new members into the program. Your down line will eventually grow to hundreds, and thousands of people under you.

If you are consistent and work with your team o see that everyone is up and doing, within 2 or 3 months the company will start paying you hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.

A Karatbars International Gold-Back Saving Account is very similar to a regular online saving account. With a Karatbars gold-saving account you deposit your paper money and exchange it into gold money to secure and grow its value, and if you need your money back you exchange it right back into cash through your credit or debit card.

The beauty of jointing the business now is the business is three months old in Nigeria and only one in hundred person that you has heard of this business.

I am sure many politicians, civil servants, teachers, private business owners would want to invest in this, why not be the person to introduce them, give it your best now to start rolling in money later.

Signup as an affiliate for free at https://onceamonthgoldclub.beepmagnet.com/register/ and become a member.


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