Nigerian bank employee grades and levels


The Nigerian banking industry has evolved to one of the most coveted profession in the labor market, it is not a job for people with myopic vision, if you cannot aspire higher and dream bigger, then you have no place around banking job.

Getting the job is a rigorous search that could be likened to the famous gulder ultimate search, Nigerian banks want nothing short of the best. Unlike what many thinks it’s too demanding and time consuming, it is far from it. Most bankers have one or two businesses to their name running, and everything goes on smoothly.

However the purpose of this article is to outline the steps on the ladder to the top as you start your banking career. Just like every other profession, banks have grades and levels, being promoted is not your right, you have to earn it by working for it.

There are a lot of variables in the promotion process, as there are no clear cut blue print of what guarantees moving to the next level. However certain factors like your performance through appraisal and audit report determines your promotion. Another controversial factor is the “subjective” appraisal from your immediate boss, this means you have to always do what your boss wants in oder to succeed.

Starting from the lowest level to the pick, the following are the grades or levels obtainable in the Nigerian banking industry:

  1. Executive trainee (ET)
  2. Assistant banking officer (ABO)
  3. Banking officer (BO)
  4. Senior banking officer (SBO)
  5. Assistant Manager (AM)
  6. Deputy manager (DM)
  7. Manager
  8. Senior manager (SM)
  9. Assistant general manager (AGM)
  10. Deputy general manager (DGM)
  11. General manager (GM)
  12. Executive director (ED)
  13. Managing Director (MD)

These are the thirteen step ladder to the top in the industry, there may be variations between banks on this order, but basically this difference can only be in nomenclatures. So if you want to be a Managing Director in a Nigerian bank, keep up the dream, someone once did and got there.




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