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Speakers are devices equipped with electroacoustic transducers, which convert electric audio signal into sound. This is how you can explain a principle of work of a loudspeaker. But all that matters for an average listener is that thanks to a primitive device created in the late 1800s, today we can enjoy listening to our favorite songs and watching our favorite movies to the fullest. However, if you are gathering sound system on your own, you should be familiar with different kinds of speakers in order to handle this uneasy task.

Kinds of Speakers

Types of drivers

Most of loudspeakers are equipped with more than one driver; it helps to achieve maximum accuracy. Single-driver models are used to reproduce different frequency ranges. According to this specification we can distinguish the following types of speakers:

  • Subwoofer transmits sounds of very low frequency – low bass notes below 200 Hz.
  • Woofer reproduces low-frequency sounds; sometimes they are capable of reproducing very low frequency sound and can replace subwoofers.
  • Mid-range speakers are for playing at low frequencies.
  • Tweeter is for transmitting high frequincies.
  • Supertweeter can reproduce sounds of the highest audible frequencies.

Kinds of Speakers

Speaking about the connection, it can be wiring and wireless. If you need speakers for a laptop, a tablet, a Smartphone or other portable device, the second option will be more convenient. Wiring loudspeakers will fit better with a computer, TV and big sound systems, consisting of numerous pieces.

Speakers by design

Professional, personal and commercial loudspeakers are available not only in different drivers variants, but in diverse design as well.

Kinds of Speakers

Standing speakers are the most common. Depending on size and shape, they can be floor-, table-, bookshelf-standing etc.

Surface mounted models are usually attached to a wall as a part of home entertaining system.

Ceiling-mounted speakers can be distinguished as a separate group. They are not attached, but mounted into a ceiling or a wall. As a result, you get an enclosure that doesn’t require additional space and sometimes is not even visible.

Column speakers arrange multiple drivers and are used in situations when high sound clarity is required. These are mostly professional loudspeakers.

Sound reproduction

Kinds of Speakers

Types of loudspeakers can be also distinguished according to sound reproduction. Monaural (or simply mono) is reproduction of sound heard and perceived as it is coming from one position. Stereo sound has almost completely replaced mono in entertaining systems. It uses two channels for conveying sound, creating the impression that it comes from multiple sources and different sides.

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Kinds of Speakers

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