UN Calls for Bitcoin Awareness in Africa

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The United Nations is seeking applications for volunteers to help spread Bitcoin adoption in Africa.

Posted in an ad on OnlineVolunteering.org, the UN’s volunteer portal, the post calls for qualified candidates to volunteer their time to help educate the youth of Sierra Leone about Bitcoin.

Gold club have designed a platform to empower Africa not just to volunteer and spread the message but also to be empowered as they carry out the campaign to educate Africa about the power that the next alternative to bitcoin will offer. We have always said that we missed out on the boom of the first crypto currency in Africa we will not miss out on the next alternative to bit coin called Gold Coin.

As the driver of this education in Africa, we present to Africa the platform for this economic revolution, Africa most profitable ecommerce Eco system (Gold Club).

We call on All Africans to register on our portal and own an Account, that account is an economic solution after we train and mentor you on what you can do with that account.

Just like the untied Nation is calling on volunteer, Africa Most Profitable Ecommerce Eco system is calling on African leaders, religious body, students, civil servants, politicians, entrepreneurs, to connect with Gold club. We seek to have representation Africa starting from Nigeria we have design a model that needs 6 leaders in each states , if you know you have what it takes to lead Africa most profitable ecommerce Eco system in your state , urgently send us an email Today, compliance@goldclub.help

We are open to talk to the Government on how our model can help Africa and empower the state citizens.


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