Nigerian Youths Arise; The Time To Act Is Now!

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They enjoyed free scholarships. But today, they refuse to pay us common stipend for state bursaries to subsidize our education.

They were fed with delicacies (free chicken, free eggs and free beverages) some even had people doing their laundry while in school. But today, school children eat maggots in rice, weevil beans, drink unhealthy water and live in God-forsaken environments called hostels with rats, cats and mosquitoes as roommates.

Got executive jobs in choice places like NNPC, SHELL, NITEL, RAILWAY Etc free of charge… some even got free cars after school. But today, they will ask us to bring a bribe of 500k to get a federal government job or have 10 years’ experience to be eligible for employment (That is if they want to be kind).

Went for executive trainings abroad and learnt from the best. But today, they have banned foreign trainings (That is if you are lucky enough to get into the system).

Certificates were never really a yardstick for good jobs; in fact, some didn’t even have. But today, even when you have an awesome cert but you don’t have a god-father your name is sorry (Or maybe you should start gaining your years of experience from your mother’s womb).

Had a perfect and enabling environment for business yet they lacked ideas. But today, with your brains and powerful ideas, they will not allow it thrive with their bad policies.

They enjoyed inter-religious dwellings and even did inter-religious marriage. But today, they have inculcated hate in our hearts for a fellow brother in the name of religion.

They blame us for not been innovative enough to become entrepreneurs; Yet they never taught us how to mend our own dresses or shoes, They never helped us build a passion for vocation.

They told us they were preparing us to become leaders of tomorrow; but up till today, they are still leading us (astray).

They will refuse to give us decent jobs so that they can use money to manipulate us when they are questing for power.

They will never involve us in policy making but will expect us to fight when they backfire.

They said they schooled in ‘Harvard’ yet they can’t manage a simple economy in the name of fall in oil prices

Still wondering why they specify age limits for jobs? Because they know how outdated they are and how important we are.

Worst of all, they institute laws that encourage ethnic, tribal and religious divides because they know that our unity spells doom for them.

After spoiling everything for us, they turn around and blame us for everything

Until there is a ‘wake-up’ these Narcissists suffering from ‘Narcissism Personality Disorder’ will continue to mortgage our future and that of our progenies yet unborn.

Amilca Cabral said and I quote:         “In the face of adversity, every by-stander is either a coward or a traitor”

Wole Soyinka “The man dies in he who is silent in the face of tyranny”

Nigerian Youths, ‘We are our own heroes’. But it is not enough for us to be commentators, it is time to rise and dance to the melody of the music, and it is time to become that goat that bites when it is pushed to the wall. The time is NOW!!!


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Haruna Magaji is a journalist, foreign policy expert and closet musician. He is a graduate of ABU Zaria and a member of the Nigerian union of journalists. JSA, as he is fondly called, resides in Suleja, Abuja. email him at - [email protected]

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