7 Things Buhari Must Do In 2017 To Win Nigerians Back

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As the year runs out, people all over the world make resolutions for the new year, the government  is not left out in this trend. Recently, we had the president present the 2017 budget to the National Assembly for consideration, whether the budget will be padded or not, that’s not our problem.

The president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been faced with a lot of opposition especially from the people of the South Eastern part of Nigeria who feel that they have been marginalized or denied involvement in the running of this current administration.

For President Buhari, it is a matter of fighting corruption, correcting the ills left by the past administration, fighting insurgency and re positioning the nation’s economy, which many people feel he hasn’t really done well in the latter. The year 2017 will come with a lot of its own challenges. The president should equally expect  stiff opposition even from his own kinsmen who feel disgruntled and out of shape in current  administration. For Buhari to win back the hearts of Nigerians, he needs to do these 7 (seven)  things listed below in 2017.

1 Fix the Nigerian Economy

Whether we want to accept or deny it, it’s a fact that the Nigerian Economy is in dire need of ‘’CHANGE”, may be not the APC kind of change, but change in policies. An average Nigerian doesn’t care who is convicted or who is sent to kuje prison, but wants food on his table. Nigerians are hungry, companies are folding and people are been relieved of their job while the labor market is flooded with youths who are waiting for the next available job. Whether or not the current  state of the Nigerian Economy is the hand work of this current government or not what Nigerians need is a better economy.

2  Release Nnamdi Kanu

It is a hard thing to do, but for this government to win the hearts of Nigerians, especially those from the South East, Nnamdi must be release. Either by obeying the various courts orders or by negotiating with him. Nnamdi Kanu has become a house hold name with a certain group of people in Nigeria and the continuous detention of Nnamdi Kanu may spell doom for this government.  While the government may be carrying out its function to protect the Nation and while Nnamdi Kanu may want to “liberate” his people and the two parties are in a state of disagreement or commatus. The recent visit of a former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, can be cashed on by the government to go to the negotiating table but it remains to bee seen if the govt or Kanu himself will accept that offer.

3 Develop the Niger Delta Region

Some people would say negotiate with the avengers or accept the offer made by the Niger delta elders forum, but the government needs to look into the Niger delta region critically. The region has contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria whether we admit it or not, but remains under developed for years. Taking the Niger delta region seriously should be one priority of this government in 2017. In my opinion I would advice the government to merge the NDDC  and THE MINISTRY OF NIGER DELTA AFFAIRS together, this will help to check mate the rots that has eaten into these bodies over the years. For the Buhari administration to make noticeable progress in 2017, the Niger delta region needs to get the desired attention and not to forget that the former president who many feels helped saved Nigeria from an ethnic war is from this region. Part of the development plan should be the speedy clean up of OGONI LAND.

4 Probe some people within his cabinet

Many Nigerians do not believe in the anti graft war, not because those who are being prosecuted are innocent but because those who are closer to the president are not been tried. For the president to win the hearts of Nigerians, some ministers withing his cabinet should be probed and some allowed to go. Ordinarily , I expected the president  to let go of some ministers who are not functioning and at least listen to Nigerians and set up a commission to look into the activities of some of his ministers and kinsmen, while the president is yet to do that, we expect  him to do something towards it in 2017.

5 Fix the issue of power

When the former governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola was confirmed as the minister of works, power and housing, he said “ Nigerians cant want to have light”. Till today we are still waiting to have lights. This government must work towards fixing the problem in the power sector. Nigerians need light and they need it now, give Nigerian youths constant power and they will do wonders. Why we cannot  tell who is behind this issue of inadequate power supply in Nigeria, whether there is some one some where, we don’t care to know, all we need is “up NEPA”.

6 Fix the refineries

It baffles me that we have leaders in this country who are happy that Nigeria still import petroleum products, for me it is a big shame – in fact a shame of the century. How can a yam farmer for example, harvest  a hectare of yam and sell it all only to start buying the ones he and his family will eat from other farmers? This government must do all it can to make sure that Nigeria is self sufficient when it comes to the availability of petroleum products. If the capacity of the current refineries cannot serve us, then the government should expand, but we need fuel, gas, diesel etc to be available in full.

7 Settle ASSUU

Anytime ASSUU goes on strike, Nigerian student suffer, this government must make sure that ASSUU is settled fully. Government is continuum so whether you negotiated with them or not, it was the Nigeria govt that did and presently we have a government in place. The most surprising thing is that those who call themselves our leaders today were beneficiary of free education in the past, so why are they now denying the young generation these privileges?

Finally, the Buhari administration has 2017 to convince Nigerians that they were not joking, if after 2017 the government does not impress, then they may just be forgetting 2019 because electioneering campaigns starts in 2018.


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