Road map for solving Recession and rapid rate of unemployment in Nigeria

By igwe ogbu

In time of economic recession like this, a nation needs to re-assess their assets and subsequently use their assets to fix the recessive economy.

If we adequately incorporate and harness the diversity of our country into the process of formulating an economic road map, recession would become a thing of the past. In my view, I believe that if we do the aforementioned, there would be no regret for doing so.

States that are blessed with high deposits natural resources such as coal, tin, limestone, oil, gas and so on, must as a matter of fact become laboratories for producing our experts in drilling, extraction and processing.

States that have swampy land for example, must gear enough efforts into the production of rice for national and international consumption, even if they venture limitedly into the production of other food and cash crops .

States that have enough tourism assets must develope a road map for optimizing their natural assets into productive and economic venture. By so doing, nobody would be considering going for holidays in Dubai. Instead, they would consider patronizing our tourism centres for their holidays

To curb the rapid rate of unemployment, a role conscious re-examination of our educational institutions of higher learning is a necessity. By this necessity, all our institutions of higher learning should specialize in the production of certain professionals rather than all of them, at the same time, producing the same kind of professionals that our society is already flooded with

Our educational institution of higher learning, for example, the colleges of education should strictly focus on the production of highly qualified teachers for our schools because it is their core responsibility to do so.

Similarly, our polytechnics should provide the educational needs they are best suited and established for. Instead of offering diplomas in courses like sociology, accounting, economics and business administration which universities are better suited to administer, they should for example, strive to training Builders, architects, surveyors, electricians and other technicians.

These are my views. Somebody should please let our policy makers know this if it would be useful. What’s your take?

Article written By Igwe ogbu.. [email protected]





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