MMM Nigeria: Mixed Reactions Trail Introduction of Naira-Bitcoin Payments

With a few days left to the January scheduled opening of frozen accounts , MMM Nigeria, a money doubling scheme has introduced bitcon which they called “MAVRO-BTC.”

In December of 2016 all confirmed accounts were frozen -which means withdrawals was stopped for a period of one month.

A statement from MMM states that the introduction of bitcoin was “Due to the recent sharp price fluctuations of Bitcoin, MAVRO-BTC is being introduced in the System.”

It also added that this introduction seeks to bring about comfort “We hope that with implementing MAVRO-BTC, your participation in MMM will become more comfortable.”

As expected this generated a buzz on the social media with some lauding the new step, while some don’t share such sentiments.

Here are some reactions:

Adesina Abideen ” MMM britain is more rewarding than all these mavro Naira or what have you. Your bitcon grows in dollars.u know the value of exchange rate now and what level will be after conversion.”

Uche Bonson “Brothers and sisters BTC bitcoin is the digital money and allows user to send or receive money without government regulations. bitcoin operates on a decentralized system of finacial operation. Mavro is smart and will continue to withdrawal his profits out of Nigeria without any government trace or regulations. I am deeply troubled concerning Nigerians get rich quick mentality. Please 300,000 is enough to start business and infact most successful businesses started small. Well people must be deceived…congrats Mavro you’re smart.”

Andres Innocent” Can somebody tell me, what about our money that were frozen b4 how we going to get it back”

Omose Shakamomodu “All these is just talk, wat abt we Dat ph last month before it got frozen, hw do we get out money”

Gift Pampam Osiago “MMM pay me my money first before you start talking about Bitcoin nii!”

ECOMOG “so the thing no crash again? well let’s see what happens on 14/01/2017 only then can we really say”

Taz “So MMM-ers can now sleep better? For those that want to avoid heart attacks this year, decide and act more wisely.”




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