Bank Customers complain over blackout in branches, failure of mobile money services

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By Babajide Komolafe

THE last thing any bank customer expects in this age is a bank branch operating in darkness. That was the experience of a bank customer as reflected in one of the complaints below. Some of the complaints also show that some banks are yet to perfect the mobile money applications and money transfer services.


David Gabriel

Is that the current exchange rate or you guys are joking, because it will be showing  N308 here but when someone buys dollars  you guys will charge something else

At Sterling Bank Plc

Hi David, thank you for contacting us, please be informed that it is the exact rate you will be charged.

Surajo Maikudi

Sterling  Bank you have to look into your ‘Sterling Money’ mobile app. Because it is too slow when using it.

Sterling Bank Plc

Hi Surajo, thank you for contacting us. We sincerely apologize for your experience. Thank you for the feedback, it will be looked into.

Olumuyiwa Saheed

But you  guys don’t have the  dollar to sell

Sterling Bank Plc

Hi Olamuyiwa, thank you for contacting us. Please be informed that currently the issuance of dollar depends on the availability.

Nwachukwu Juliet

Pls how do I activate my dormant account,  I have been to Sterling  branch and  gave all necessary  documents required don’t yet it is still dormant.

Sterling Bank Plc

Hello Nwachukwu Juliet, kindly send us a private message stating your account number, the branch visited and date of visitation to enable us investigate. Thank you.

Adisa Olamide Mariam

Hello please  help me, I  opened a Kia Kia account in Abeokuta Ogun state and a certain amount was sent into my account but I  didn’t receive the  alert and the  money was not in my account. I was told the money was too much for the Kia Kia account and I had to upgrade it. I upgraded it and a mail was forwarded to the head office on my behalf, but I am yet to receive the money in my account. Please what is happening?

Sterling Bank Plc

Hello Adisa, thank you for contacting us. Kindly confirm from the sender if the funds have been reversed into his or her account.


Faith Igberase

Standard Chartered Nigeria please I have  sent messages to you severally. Maybe you should check your junk messages or you inbox me on how to get my price thanks.

Standard Chartered Nigeria

Hello Faith Igberase, please send your name and contact details in a private message as instructed in the winners announcement post. This is the only way you can be contacted. If you have already done so, kindly re-send so we can pick it up immediately and contact you. Thanks. – Jide

Faith Igberase

I have done that more than 10 times Standard Chartered Nigeria

Faith Igberase

Please check again Standard Chartered Nigeria

Nnamani Henry Emeka

I  have not gotten my own price oh let alone has  anybody contacted me to collect the  price I  won last year.

Standard Chartered Nigeria

Hello Nnamani Henry Emeka, please send your name and contact details in a private message as instructed in the winners’ announcement post. This is the only way you can be contacted. If you have already done so, kindly re-send so we can pick up immediately and contact you. Thanks. – Jide


Haruna Muhammad

I wrote an application to reset my moble app, but sadly my branch at Baga road Maiduguri refused to do so for me over four months ago.

Unity Bank Plc

Dear Haruna, kindly provide us with your phone number to enable us communicate with you. Thank you.

Prince Davido

Pls help me out ooo, I tried  to activate Unity mobile on my phone with this code *389*215# the respond was,  I have entered a wrong phone/account number that has not been registered with Unity Bank. I opened this account since 2009 and I have been operating it with my phone number in receiving alert. I need to make a transaction with my phone because my ATM debit card stopped  working and  I am in a location where there is no Unity Bank branch.

Unity Bank Plc

Dear Prince, we acknowledge receipt of your complaint, kindly forward the complaint to [email protected] to enable us resolve the challenge. Thank you.

Ogayeno Believe Othuke

I need my ATM card. I  applied  for it since last year 11th of November,  up till now no ATM card, and I  can’t withdraw money. Please you  people should do something to help me out.

Unity Bank Plc

No response

Maude Galdimari

I opened unity bank account recently but I was disappointed when I went   to deposit money in one of their branches and find it in darkness,  no light, nothing was  taking place. Please provide standby generators for your branches. Even the bank door was opened because there was no light.

Unity Bank Plc

Dear Maude, we appreciate your comment. Kindly be informed that the issue is being addressed. Thank you


Ademola Awwal Kolawole

I made a transfer from my Wema Bank account to this my GTbank account for past 1hour. I got no credit alert. What is wrong? I got Wema bank informed, but they said you guys were having issue with your platform. What is the problem, better return my money.

Wema Bank Plc

Hello. Please do check the account balance of the receiving account because you may not receive alerts on all transactions. Also, what platform was the transfer made? And we are not experiencing any hlitch with any of our platforms at the moment. Please do revert with your findings. Thank you.

Ademola Awwal Kolawole

Please spare me words. The two accounts are mine, but the sender is from Wema and receiver from Gtbank. I own the two accounts. I have checked the balance many times, but no reversal to that effect. I used your  mobile money app, you better do something because tomorrow is Monday, I won’t take this issue simple. This is the right time, you had been doing it to me many times before.

Wema Bank Plc

Hello. Kindly send your account details, phone number and email address as a private message to investigate further. Thank you

Alliyu Sikirullah Oladipupo

Wema Bank, do everything to get me my money from UBA.  Then, I will be sure you  are with me all the way.

Wema Bank Plc

Hello. Please do send a DM stating the transaction details. Thank you

Williams Ighofose

Please I need my reversal from UBA. I did an ATM withdrawal from a UBA ATM Machine since 30th of December 2016.

Wema Bank Plc

Hello. Please send a DM stating the transaction details, account number, phone number and email address. Thank you.

Hilory Wilson

What is happening to wemaonline and mobile app. I have been trying to assist someone to register for it online through the app but no response.

Wema Bank Plc

Please do try again. Thank you.

Olamide Jegede

My ATM card was blocked last month due to the input of wrong PIN three times. Will it unblock on its own or please  how do I unblock it?

Wema Bank Plc

Please you will need to visit any branch close to you for reactivation. Thank you

SOURCE: Bank Customers complain over blackout in branches, failure of mobile money services



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