UBA customers lament frustrating account update, inactive Visa Card, others

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Sunny Deo Otabor

I have been denied transaction  on many different occasions and if I finally scale through and get attended to may be by late hours or the following day I will be subjected to rigorous exercises as if I am not the owner of the account. I do the following every time I want to take my money…from your naïve staff.

Application letter before transaction

Submission of utility bills

Viewing and photocopy of my International Passport

BVN submission

Passport photographs submission

They will take my picture too with their system.

Thumb printing.

Filling mandate and KYC form.

I have done these many times. Even if am to do transaction tomorrow, I will do it also. I am fed up with all their services and I feel  insecure as I walk into any UBA branch.

They claimed my account is too old and the picture there is my infant picture and I need an update. Therefore, I should travel to my domiciled branch for account updates. I pleaded with them to assist me to update it because I don’t think it is reasonable for me to travel down crossing five states in 7 hours just to update account   and have them turn deaf ear.

They claimed my relationship manager in my domiciled branch wishes to see me in person and instructed them to transact with me at their own risk. Even in phone  conversations with him the relationship manager,  he said he doesn’t  know me therefore he can’t attest to me after I have submitted all my bio data to them..

In short, I have had bad time banking with UBA. I wanted to keep the account just because it’s my childhood account I have used from a tender age but I am pushed to the wall already.


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Sochima Icon Emmanuel

I opened an account with UBA last year because I wanted to travel.  They said I won’t be able to use my Nigerian account abroad, so I opened another one, and I was issued a visa card. Up till this point, I have not been able to use that Visa card online to do online purchases, or even use it to do a PoS payment!

The worst part of it is that I have been sending emails to UBA for over how many months now! But up till this point my problem has not been addressed and I guess that card is as useless as anything I can imagine! Now I am stranded here, can’t make use of my card, I can’t use my money! I guess I just learnt the hard way!


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Emmanuel Ogbuabo

Running online transaction using Umobile most times brings heart aches and to compound matters. When you call customer care,  you will end up burning your airtime and still you won’t get to talk to a customer care representative. The waiting time is endless.

Then when you try using the live chat you will get tired waiting as it will show you the message “waiting for an agent to join you” and for hours you will keep waiting and no agent will seem to be fort coming. The wait is endless.




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