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So many thought we wouldn’t make you all smile again
The most anticipated site is here for grabs…
??? *FEATURES* ???
➖Zero tolerance to cyber beggars; Just with the hit of the report button all non active participants will be deleted within the clock ?
➖1:2 matrix
➖Auto merging system
➖Active support, interactive facebook,  bbm channel and whatsapp forum to meet your every needs (direct link to the admins will appear on dashboard after confirmation)
➖Referral bonuses (not compulsory) but when achieved and recycled ♻ gives you double of your accumulated bonuses (minimum for recycle is 5k to yield 10k absolutely free)
➖Flexible packages for all classes (5k,  10k,  20k, and 50k)
➖Secure, Stable and Sustainable (the S-S-S philosophy). Secured with state-of-the-art, industry standard SSL encryption for world class security.
Achieve this in just six simple steps;
1⃣ Register ❕
2⃣ Make payment  ?
3⃣ Get confirmed ✅
4⃣ Receive ?????
5⃣ Sound the alarm (your testimony) ??
6⃣ Recycle ♻
Investing money has never been so easy until now… A new era awaits us

How it Works

At Vibex Worldwide we have only one mission in mind, and that is:
To accelerate the financial status of humanity;
Having this as a priority, we have decided to make the earning process super easy and super fast for our members. Every member gets DOUBLE the amount they donate. It takes only 3 simple steps:

  • Register: Fill the online registration form with your details through which you will be contacted and receive payments from other members. Please ensure to fill it correctly and submit. You will be required to choose a package while registering.
  • Donate: Once registered, keep observing your dashboard. The system will match you quickly to pay your donation to a member. Please do so within the given time to avoid account closure. Your donation will be confirmed by the receiver or by support as the case may be.
  • Receive: After your donation is confirmed, sit back and watch as two members get assigned to pay you within 24 hours. When you receive payments, please confirm the payers so that your account will be enabled for reset so that you can get back on the queue again and again and again.

Investing money has never been so easy until now!

The Rules

  • There are two packages: N5,000, N10,000, N20,000 and N50,000 .
  • Members get back 200% (double) of their donated amount.
  • Donation is made directly to members account.
  • Donations must be made within the given time, else account will be deleted.
  • Donations are non-refundable.
  • Payment methods acceptable are bank transfer or bank deposit.
  • For any issue or challenge, contact support for assistance.
  • All disputes between members will be settled by the site administrators.

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