Edo Jobs: Edo State Government To Recruit Unemployed Youths

EDOJOBS is a human capital development initiative set up to train and match job seekers residing in Edo State with opportunities. The pilot will be rolled out with the following programmes: Revenue Collection, Waste Management, Agriculture and Traffic Management.

This administration’s progressive agenda is a people oriented one to pursue policies that will help improve the lives of the populace “Edo residents”, to take advantage of this golden opportunity to key into Governor Godwin Obaseki’s 200,000 jobs which will kick-start on Tuesday March 7, 2017 and last for the next 30 working days. Registration will be at the local government secretariat across the eighteen (18) local government areas of Edo state.

Edo State government is set to send people “professional crowd control officers, data entry staffs and biometric attendants” round the state to register people who do not have jobs so that this government can have a major database and therefore know how to begin to plan and when things come up, they can be reached.


Revenue Collection; °Introduction of electronic collection of revenue across the state.

°New system targets the elimination of cash as a means of revenue collection. Government revenue will be massively enhanced by collection through Point Of Sale(POS) terminals and revenue scratch cards for those without ATM cards.

Waste Management: The administration is keen on turning the waste generated in the state into wealth.

Opportunity for Edo state to begin to adopt international best practices in the management of waste.

The Waste To Wealth programme has the potential to enhance the waste recycling industry as well as raise awareness on the benefits in the state.

Agriculture: Employment generation by introducing friendly policies aimed at attracting more investors to do agriculture-related business in the state.

Potential to yield over 100,000 jobs along the entire value chain from cultivation to final packaging of market-ready products.

Traffic Management: Prioritization of traffic management in a bid to create an atmosphere for sustainable social and economic growth.

Employment of modern traffic management techniques to reduce injuries, deaths and economic losses caused by road traffic accidents and congestions.

Dedicated residents of the state required to pioneer the management of traffic, consequently providing the necessary environment needed to encourage a prosperous state.



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