List of Top Public Relations and Media Consulting firms in Nigeria

In today’s business world, without the goodwill of the target consumers and the public no business can make any meaningful breakthrough in dominating the competition. The same goes for individuals with political ambition, organizations with causes – they all need the right image, positive public opinion as well as the right information passed to all targeted public.

The biggest mistake businesses and individuals with causes and ambition make is the assumption that creating a good neighborly interchange is simply churning out messages to the public. Although good in its own right, but good public relations is much more complicated than that – it is a deliberate, systematic and sustainable communication effort geared towards achieving an explicit objective.

This is why most multi-nationals, corporate organizations and even politicians outsource the job of public relations to professionals who are specialist in image making. It is at this juncture the services of PR and Media Consultants are needed.

I will save you the stress of looking around in search of an agency to bring reality to your business goals and objectives – below is the list containing the best PR and media consulting agencies in Nigeria readily available to launch your PR and media needs:

  1. Wild Fusion: Of course you can’t talk about digital marketing in Nigeria without mentioning Wild Fusion. They were amongst the first to start out, they are grounded in the art and science of it and know their onions. We are not sure where their strengths are but they seem to be able to do everything. Perhaps, that’s their weakness.

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  1. Gabzy Media: At Gabzy Media, they pride themselves in developing unique and professional solutions with a wide variety of mediums. The create solutions that connect business, marketing and creativity. Our goal is to work with you to remove barriers to your business and quickly grow your revenue. They also develop strategies, web/mobile applications and execute campaigns for clients and agencies alike. With over 200 successfully completely projects across Africa, you can be sure you’re in the best hands.

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  1. Anakle: Anakle has found a place in the Nigerian digital marketing industry and are obviously here to stay. They were the brains behind the viral sensation- BridePrice App.Their core area of expertise is in product development and this they have proven by shelling out numerous products. They are the guys to call if you are interested a creating an app or the likes

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  1. Giga Lagos: Giga Lagos is the Nigerian arm of the international digital marketing agency Giga. Their core strength tilts towards content marketing and social media marketing. They have produced quite a few e-books that have made an impact in the marketing circle. One of them is The Dawn of a New Age of Marketing where they talked about the direction of Content Marketing in Nigeria. The predictions are coming to pass by the day. They are good at what they do

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  1. WebCoupers: These guys know their digital media buying especially AdWords. A common misconception amongst people is that since Google AdWords is free, anyone can do it. Not true. The way it’s structured, the better you are at it, the more money you save. Trust me, you don’t want to give your money to someone who will throw your money at Google AdWords and got to sleep.

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  1. BytSizeng: BiteSizeNg is another digital marketing agency that knows its onions. They have been around for a while and have proven their mettle with their achievements in the accounts they. As for their strengths, I’m not really sure but they seem to be able to do almost everything.

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