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As the Gold Club International community grows, we recognize the need to continue to keep our members and the public well informed of what Gold Club is and what it is not. The reason is that when people do not understand a thing, it is usually convenient to form a negative narrative which fits their suspicion and misrepresent the true fact. This is why we often feel a sense of responsibility to keep our community informed of what we do and help them to see how this is different from all sorts of get-rich-quick investment schemes with which some may have wrongly associated our programme.

Gold Club International is an online community helping its members to get the best discounts, bonuses and deals across broad categories of their lifestyle needs. We leverage on our number to negotiate discounts with various merchants on behalf of our members. With this, our members use their discount cards (called Gold Discount Card) to take advantage of discounts, bonuses and offers on a variety of products or services provided by merchants with whom we have negotiated discount. Through this mutually-beneficial relationship, our merchants also get access to our large and growing community of Gold Club Discount Card users. We also grow our community through a performance-based marketing in which a member is rewarded for every new member enlisted through the member’s marketing effort.

No element of our operation violates any local or international regulation. We do not request the public or our members to invest money in any investment with guaranteed high yield or returns. No profit is shared or declared. No member invests money for returns on investment whether within a short period or any duration at all and we do not run any investment of our own. Members take the decision on any third party product, service or investment to which they want to subscribe and this is usually independent of Gold Club. We also often advise our members to carefully scrutinize third parties with whom they want to engage in any business using our Gold Discount Card and to be wary of purported investment opportunities offering fixed high returns for their capital.

Clearly, Gold Club does not, by any means, fall into the description of a Ponzi scheme or any fraudulent investment scam or operation where undiscerning members of the public are invited to invest with promise of high-yield without any active or legitimate economic activities. Typically, Ponzi schemes would assure potential investors of high returns on investments which may be unsustainable in the long terms and lead to loss of investment.

We understand that there could be unscrupulous individuals who deliberately misrepresent the nature of our offerings to mislead. Some also engage in blind attacks just out of suspicion and ignorance of what this is really about. We are happy to provide answer questions on any aspect of our operation and we are confident that this would help clear any doubt.

For further information: Please send an email to [email protected] or Kindly Open up a Support Ticket on the Portal.

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