10 amazing facts about Singapore

Singapore has been in the news after 63 year old woman, Halimah Yacob was declared the country’s eighth president in a “walkover” election that saw no vote after no other contenders ran for the position.

Singapore is a unique country with many “firsts” among nations of the planet. In this article attention will be payed to interesting facts about the country.

  1. Singapore is the only island-city-country in the world – the country is an anomaly, and they’re quite proud of it. The country is currently the only island-city-country in the world. Although Hong Kong is also a city-island, it is considered a Special Administrative Region that is part of China.
  2. Singapore is a highly developed country in Southeast Asia with one of the world’s strongest economies. Singapore is slightly smaller than Kaduna state in Nigera, but unlike Kaduna, 5.6 million residents are squeezed into the tiny country’s 277 square miles of land mass.
  3. Singapore ranks third in the world for life expectancy, meanwhile the United States comes in at #31 (per the World Health Organization).
  4. The rainiest months in Singapore are typically November, December, and January.
  5. Unlike Nigeria, tap water is safe to drink in Singapore. You can save money by refilling water bottles.
  6. Singapore has changed their timezone 6 times since 1905. For 36 years, Singapore was 7.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In 1982, the Singapore Standard Time was redefined to be 8 hours ahead of GMT.
  7. They are the fastest walkers on this planet – According to a research by the British Council, Singaporeans have the fastest walking speed. On average, they walk a distance of 18 metres in 10.55 seconds. That’s approximately 6.15km in an hour!
  8. Singapore is the only country in the world without a capital. It’s really weird to think of a country without capital and I wonder were the president presides from.
  9. Singapore’s national anthem is in micro-text on the back of the $1000 note. Talk about smart moves, everyone uses the currency, no one can avoid it, not even Jehovah’s witnesses!
  10. Popular cable channel Cartoon Network initially thought Singapore was in Malaysia. It’s true, Singaporeans are often mistaken to be from Malaysia or China when travelling overseas.

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