Lagos State Local Government Service Commission set to commence Recruitment []


The Lagos State Local Government Service Commission is set to recruit Admin officers, accountants, civil Engrs, architects, community devlpt officers, education officers, Budget officers, statisticians, program analysts, librarians, state counsels, public affairs officers and environmental health officers.

According to adverts released by Lagos State Local Government Service Commission (LSLGSC) the portal ( opens on Monday 25th September and closes 29th September, 2017.



  1. after completing the four steps of the application, the portal did not say if it was successful or not and when should we expect the result?

  2. I was able to apply but couldn’t print my slip. Is there any other way of proving that I actually applied? I think those of us who were able to apply should at least be able to print out the slip. Thank you Sir.

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    I was unable to apply for this job.I tried logging in from 25/09/17) up till the last day, still the site didn’t open.I am a real Lagos indigene and the site needs to be reopened for the masses to apply. They should work on their site & get it upgraded before publicizing

  4. Mr.Chairman,is there another website to apply for the jobs listed for employment?The website provided refused to open.Pls,kindly supply masses who want apply for the jobs the website that can opened.

  5. Good morning sir, the site isnt opening at all. I hope this publication isn’t just for formality sake. I tried all day and even midnight till the time of dropping this message as at 2:30
    Am. Pls provide help on how to get on registration via the portal. Thanks.

  6. I think they have shared it. This advert is just for formality sake. Distributive and procedural injustice has taken the center stage. No doubt. I don’t know any godfather, I only know “GODTHEFATHER”!!?

  7. Kudos to His Excellency Akinwumi Ambode for additional job creation in the state, I am a non indegine but has benefited from some of his wealth creation and empowerment programs with certified certificate awarded.
    With my Bsc in accountingI strongly believed this job opening will accommodate candidates with right standing.
    Advise fellow non indegines to apply.

  8. Only in Nigeria that already filled vacancies are posted,you think you have a chance
    Count the number of all LG chairmen in the state,the councilors,LGDC officers,LG workers etc with everyone of them having their own anointed candidate undecided
    Now do you still think you have a chance


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