‘We don’t see IPOB as terrorist organisation’ – United States Government

The United States Government has said it does not consider the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organisation.

Last week, the Federal High Court in Abuja gave a judicial backing the executive order of President Muhammadu Buhari, outlawing the group and its activities in the country.

The court granted the order to proscribe the group on Wednesday.

It declared that the activities of the group constituted acts of terrorism.

The Federal Government also accused France and the United Kingdom of aiding IPOB activities.

The spokesman for the American Embassy in Nigeria, Russell Brooks, told SUNDAY PUNCH on Friday that the US government does not view IPOB as a terrorist group.

He said this in response to our correspondent’s email which asked if the United States sees IPOB as a terrorist organisation.

Brooks stated further that the US was committed to Nigeria’s unity and would support a peaceful resolution of any crisis in the country.

He said, “The United States Government is strongly committed to Nigeria’s unity.  Important political and economic issues affecting the Nigerian people, such as the allocation of resources, are worthwhile topics for respectful debate in a democracy.

“Within the context of unity, we encourage all Nigerians to support a de-escalation of tensions and peaceful resolution of grievances.  The Indigenous People of Biafra is not a terrorist organisation under US law.”

The US embassy, however, declined to comment on whether the Federal Government had asked it to treat IPOB as a terrorist organisation and to block money sent to IPOB from the US.

Brooks also did not state the US’ position on the agitation for a Biafran state.

Speaking after the court judgment last week, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, said the Federal Government would proceed to gazette the order proscribing the group.

IPOB claims ownership of Radio Biafra

Meanwhile, IPOB in a statement on Saturday said that the Radio Biafra which is said to be based outside the country neither belonged to MASSOB nor its leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike.

IPOB, in a statement made available to one of our correspondents in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, explained that though MASSOB assisted in funding the radio station, the arrangement only lasted from April to July 2009.

The statement, signed by the Deputy Leader of IPOB, who is also the Deputy Director of Radio Biafra, Uche Mefor, noted that the station later went off-air and eventually shut down in December 2009.

It insisted that MASSOB, which has since transformed into Biafra Independence Movement, had nothing to do with Radio Biafra.

The statement added, “The entire humanity is hereby notified that MASSOB is not the owner of Radio Biafra. Uwazuruike is not the owner of Radio Biafra.

“Radio Biafra first operated as ‘Broadcasting Corporation of Biafra’ in the 1960s in the face of genocidal war of extermination propagated by the northern Nigerian military dictators who spearheaded their jihadism against the Biafrans.”

Also, MASSOB on Saturday called on the Federal Government to immediately release its members who were labelled supporters of IPOB, arrested and detained by security agents.

MASSOB said eight of its members were arrested by security agents on September 13, 2017, while they were on their way to Onitsha, Anambra State, to celebrate the group’s 18th anniversary.

Its National Director of Information, Mr. Sunday Okereafor, told SUNDAY PUNCH that security agencies should have known the difference between IPOB members and MASSOB followers.

Okereafor alleged that the MASSOB members were detained in Afara Prison in Umuahia, the Abia State capital.

He added that his group had since its existence embraced non-violence as its method of agitation and wondered why police and soldiers would contemplate arresting and detaining them.

He listed the names of five of the eight arrested MASSOB members as Igwe Ndukwe, Onyebuchi Nmeregini, I. Ugonna, ThankGod Udeh and Ugwu Emeka.

He said, “We are calling on the Attorney General of the Federation and the Attorney General of Abia State to release them. They should leave MASSOB alone because MASSOB is not violent. Those arrested are not IPOB members. They are MASSOB members.’’

Army arrests 34 hoodlums, recovers 12 guns in S’East

The Nigerian Army said on Saturday that 34 suspected cult members, kidnappers and hoodlums had been arrested in the ongoing Operation Python Dance II during some raids carried out by troops.

The army noted that seven locally made pistols and five Dane guns were also recovered from the suspects.

SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that while 17 suspects were arrested in Obinze community in Imo State, seven were arrested in the Ukukwa North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Also, 10 suspected cult members were arrested during two operations on Awara and Assa communities in the Ohaji-Egbema LGA of Imo State.

The army added that another group of three kidnap suspects – identified as Arinze Ugiri, 39, Okezie Nwobolo, 30, and Michael Sunday, 24 – were arrested from a hideout in Abia State.

The suspects were reportedly handed over to the police after the initial questioning.

The Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, and 82 Division spokesman, Colonel Sagir Musa, who confirmed the arrests in a release, said the “outlawed IPOB members and their sympathisers” were also checkmated from extorting money from traders and motorists in Aba, Abia State.


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  1. why is it that our Nigerian government hhardly scrutinize before they define,to be frank,IPOB is not a terrorist organization,but sincerely our government used to be economical,? with the truth that’s the reason why Nigeria is not moving forward as a country,if Igbos want to go let them go please.

  2. I thought one of buhari minister says that trump promise to help him and fight terrorist and also to see about the financial fund of it…but thank God that they have known that we’re not terrorist..so if the zoo is buying guns and weapons..definitely we’re no more terrorist you can’t add is in your fight….but you all will see that those things will be aboned cos its only for we not for the real bokobrothers

  3. They will celebrate U.S. when they hold meeting with Buhari, when Trump had a handshake with buhari mallam was smilling, but now that they have recognized Ipob they suddenly become their enemy, insulting America can’t change anything

  4. What concerns America with Nigeria?? They should shut up and fuck off. They wanted Nigeria to break now that it didn’t happen they are looking for another means to break it up…. Ipob or arewa, or Niger delta republic is all a waste of time.

  5. The time to do the right thing is here, Nigerian government has failed in all attempts to rubbish IPOB but God in the other side frustrating all their efforts against us. Truth is the weapon cos the present day government is lacking progressive ideas to continue in propaganda. The market is closed and the North are doing the worst looting ever to equipped themselves

  6. Naija dey fear say we wan go bcos hunger go finish dem. dey are doing anything humanly possible to stop d agitation which is too late now. To d extent dat they declared a harmless people without ammunition a terrorist group. They come out openly, protest on d street, and they have not killed anyone. And some senseless people are applauding them. This is reall a zoo. There’s going to be a massive celebration when this is achieved. Dat hunger wey una dey run for, una go meet am in no time

  7. What is terrorist to Naija does not have to necessarily amount to terrorism to whites. Come Naija, kick out this rubbish called IPOD

  8. Our Nigerian law treat IPOB as terrorist if you like in USA accept it or not but any body with such ideology shall face the law just like homosexual marriage too

  9. Thank you US. The are not terrorist but FRIENDS of Nigeria helping to recruit, train and arm idle youth so as to strengthen the police and the military, abi? Terrorism does not start in a day, it begins in stages. There is no sickness without a symptom,once you see symptom of an ailment, you have to quickly deal with ailment and that is what the court has done. It has linked the activities of the group to stages in the making of a terror group. Ref. to the making of BOKO HARAM,

  10. Mean while I was here to attack but i don’t see who to attack now I’m just confused but if it where to be a woman cheated on her husband or a man cheated on his wife, or does kind talk them i will know where to start from attack is my second name ?. Well I don’t have any problem with Igbo’s and president let them settle there difference so let me going, church things una bye bye yoo. Happy Sunday friends

  11. Then let them go to America and continue with their agitation,. As for Nigeria, they are criminal terrorists confirmed, by the way help me define what the act of terrorism means, you professors.

  12. It means alot, that if Nigeria government murder any Ipob member, it will be treated as crime against humanity by international communities, big blow to terrorist and genocide regime

  13. These are civilised people that understand what terrorism means, not this almajiris we have here that cannot define what terrorism means. Even when Jonathan gave them almajiri schools they still preferred been in sambisa forest.

  14. Nigerian education sector should be blamed for this show of shame & stupidity as displayed by the High and low on the issue of Biafra agitation for secession.

  15. Nigeria is a sovereign nation. USA can’t dictate to us and tell us what is what in our country. As he said in last UN summit, as President of America, his first priority is American citizen. So, if PMB sees ipob actions as terrorist then his priority is to protect the the citizen of Nigeria. Shikena

  16. Do you people know how much insults Donald Trump gets in a day? Yet ,he hasn’t proscribed any of such groups. Anyway,Nigeria is a tomb for the brain dead. Look at the comments of human beings in 21st century.

  17. Lol, same way u didn’t bin laden as a terrorist untile he attacked america right? Same way the taliban were freedom fighters during the russian invasion of afghanistan in the 1980’s; only 2 tag them terrorists later on right? Abeg make we hear word

  18. Buhari& Apc will continue to be @ the wrong side. History has shown this government has gone down as one of the worst regimes of failed democracy in Africa

  19. Igbos want Biafra, but are all abusive on social media and print media. Please, is this how you people will be insulting in your Biafra when given or allowed to go? It’s something that is supposed to come peacefully and not through war like you people drum for. Tell your Nnamdi Kanu to bend his head for elders if he really wants to take you people to your dreamland. And as for the proscription, that was the best approach to the drum beats of social disorder if not, you and I won’t be here writing comments.

  20. Y won’t they say that… When they are the ones putting wood in the fire….a man who says there no jesus ….he cliams to b a Moses… People are worshiping him already licking his feet already…I wonder what will happen next… If he is genuine he should have better strategy not allowing his people die like chicken… If anybody insult me here na ant go gather the person beat…..

  21. But we Nigeria see it as terrorist because all their means is break the peace that is growing in Nigeria and a person that will destabilize peace of people is a terrorist group may is because many Igbo don’t go to school That is why they not know the meaning of terrorism I no blame you guys all you guys know is just to make money any how in anyway that is why you don’t know what you are doing

  22. If Yu don’t like the IPOP why can’t yu guys let em go? Stop hating on em just let em be on their own cuz here in America we don’t see the IPOB organization as a terrorist, we see em like one of the best peaceful organization in the world. That’s why I hate everything bout Nigeria people. We IBO dat were born in America here are now knowing dat we are not Nigerian but Biafra.

  23. No going back in Biafra restoration. We are fed up with everything in d contraption called nigeria. No power on earth or anywhere can stop us from restoring Biafra. Nobody born of woman can deter us

  24. Are they the one controlling our country now? Don’t we have a say to our country anymore? America should leave us alone cos ” Ipob leader didn’t insult their president”.

  25. Why is it that once you read someone’s name on this our comment section, you can predict where his judgement is heading to?
    Tribalism and religion is now coming first before common sense in many people

  26. Ekwu ebiela! But I hope Lai’s virus will not possess them now. Tomorrow they will say they never said anything like that. This Buhari’s administration is full of lies and denial(they say one thing and deny it the next minute)

  27. If there’s any terrorist organization in Nigeria, please the whole world should bear in mind that Buhari is number one including all the political members period.

  28. Give Dog a bad name in other to hang it. America or no America, even here in Nigeria The next government May not recognize them as terrorist. Nothing last forever. Everything in life is temporal.
    Absolute power corrupt absolutely

  29. Buhari doesn’t have WAEC certificate what do you expect. High rate of illiteracy in Nigeria is the problem. The people proscribing IPOB as a terrorist organization are illiterates.

  30. What is Buhari’s problem sef? He’s a criminal. Even the northerners/AREWA have made up their mind in supporting Biafra to go. Why Buhari? This is to show you all that NIgeria FG are all thiefs

  31. Fellow Biafrans, please let’s ignore all this negative comments. This not the time for it. We are still mourning our fallen heroes while working on our next strategy. For those hating on KANU, be prepared to hide ur faces in shame when he wins the court case next month. God bless Biafra

  32. Na America IPOB de? Did Kanu insult Trump? So what’s their business are Americans being called zoo animals? Make dem go sit down somewhere jorr

  33. Brainless Buhari and his goons has made a fool of themselves before the whole world , they think that the world started in Daura and ends in Asorock , they have taken out their clothes in the market square and all reasonable people has seen their nakedness, they should hide their heads in shame , a government built on lie and fraud is a house of cards which is destined to collapse , your lies and cheap blackmail against IPOB is too childish even for a toddler to believe, is this the type of government you put your trust to take care of your destiny ? If you think so then disappointment is your middle name

  34. This country would have been better provided it was only d Igbo’s and Yorubas….. See what Awolowo has done to us……. The north are terrorist….. Grant Biafra freedom, marriage isn’t by force…….

  35. They killed millions during Biafran war and they couldn’t stop the movement, I don’t think killing a few hundred this time will still stop the agitation.
    RIP to our fallen heroes. We shall mourn u all come November 18

  36. You don’t just wake up and tag a group as a terrorist group, the Nigerian government is just a joke. Terrorist groups don’t hold rallies or protests, they don’t have traceable bank accounts, they live in isolation, but IPOB members do their activities in open areas. Insults and threats are not enough reasons to tag a group as a terrorist group, we have been seeing countless insults and threats from many individuals and groups since the inception of Nigeria.

  37. This will give some people sleepless night hahaahhaha.. Ipob is a terrorist group while fulani herdsmen is a charity group. We will exit this country peacefully one day

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