Firm launches online bookshop in Nigeria


A firm, Gabzy Media has launched an online Bookshop where academic materials can be purchased without stress. The online shop, according to the company seeks to become Nigeria’s most popular first e-commerce portal specifically for selling academic materials to students, researchers and book loving individuals.

Speaking with our reporter, Joel Egube, spokesman of the firm explained: “As a book author, book merchant or publisher, you can sell your books on and make money while seating back in relaxation”.

“We have setup payment systems to make payments easy for students rather than having them go to the bank to pay for your eBooks or paying to their course REP. You can receive payments from anyone anywhere in Nigeria. All you simply need to do is to convert your books into a PDF format and upload. When you wake up the next morning, your revenue from sales will be waiting for you”, he said.

Nairabookstore portal

“Your sales will be recorded in your dashboard and we will send out payments at the end of every month regardless of how much you have in your account. No thresholds”.

“Book sellers will earn 70% of each sale you make. The other 30% will be split between the affiliates (our users who help you promote your books) and the service provider (”.

“In order to sell educational eBooks on, you will need to create a vendor account. Note takes commissions of 30% from any sales you make”.

“We accept materials like Educational textbooks of any institution, exam past Questions and answers of any level and also project topic and materials for final year students in higher institutions. Note that all materials will be in PDF format”.

Creating vendor account will help book authors/sellers grow a follower base that would be notified whenever you upload a new book. To become a vendor, login/signup first, click here for full guide on how to become a seller on


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