Comodo to end online financial fraud, others in West Africa


A cyber security company, Comodo, which has launched its operation in Nigeria through Trus Technologies, has hit the market with an end point protection means that can check online financial frauds among other malpractices on the Internet.

Speaking in Lagos during the launch of the Comodo IT solutions, the Managing Director, Tros Technologies, Muyiwa Awosile, revealed that this new service would not only protect businesses with online presence from malicious attacks, but also guide point of sale (POS), and automated teller machine (ATM), machines from the fraudulent activities of attackers.

According to him, one of the company’s flagship products, secure box, is targeted at financial institutions to help arrest the rising effects of fraud with its ability to stop hackers from compromising systems to steal data.

Explaining the technology behind the secure box, Awosile said it has an end point protection technology, which doesn’t only protect against viruses but firewalls and others.

“Virus has gone beyond the traditional malicious software that harms your computer to complex ones like the ransom ware, which encrypts people’s data and demand for payment.

The Comodo’s default denies technology, which is the only kind by default that denies unknown file from running on a system.

He added, “Comodo doesn’t do antivirus on a standalone basis, it gives you and application that allows you to manage several other system from one single dash board without leaving your physical location.”

This malware fighter, which is essentially an anti virus also provides protection for home and mobile users, government and generally people, who are heavily reliant on information technology and online application.

Awosile, who is also Comodo’s exclusive partner for West Africa, observed that hitherto, their concentration was not on the African market, but with the growing internet market in the region their presence is vital.

Citing the challenges encountered in a new market like Nigeria and west Africa at large, the Team Leader, Web Application and Security, Tros Technologies, Eky Royal, noted that people and businesses in this part of the world have a lackadaisical attitude to the purchase of non-physical products like software and IT security generally.

He identified phishing (attempts to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), often for malicious reasons) as one of the greatest internet scams used by Nigerian attackers. This can be arrested by Comodo, yet people don’t key into non-tangible services like anti viruses until they are victims.

The Comodo organisation is a global innovator of cyber-security solutions protecting critical information across the digital landscape.


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