Nigeria Ranks Second Worst Electricity Supply Nation In 2017

Nigeria’s Power generation hits 5,090MW, highest in 2018

Nigeria Ranks Second Worst Electricity Supply Nation In 2017

Nigeria Ranks Second Worst Electricity Supply Nation In 2017 – The epileptic status of electricity in Nigeria, touted as Africa’s ‘giant’, has been laid bare in the 2017 The Spectator Index, coming second after war ravaged Yemen, and followed by disaster-prone Haiti.

The Spectator Index of the world’s worst electricity supply in 2017, released today @spectatorindex twitter handle, indexed 137 countries.

“Worst electricity supply, 2017. (out of 137 countries) 1. Yemen 2. Nigeria 3. Haiti 4. Lebanon 5. Malawi 10. Venezuela 23. Pakistan 25. Argentina 29. Ethiopia 37. Bangladesh 41. South Africa 42. Sri Lanka 45. Algeria 46. Philippines 50. Turkey (WEF)”, the tweet read.

Of the 137 countries examined in the report, Yemen ranked as worst electricity supply nation in 2017, followed by Nigeria, Haiti, Lebanon and Malawi.

Ethiopia occupied the 37th position, while South Africa and Algeria occupied the 41st and 45th positions respectively.

Meanwhile, the Advisory Power Team report showed that the national grid capacity stood at 4,000 Megawatts.

The report noted that the average power sent out by the Electricity Generating Companies on January 14 stood at 3, 851.06mw, down by 168.58mw recorded the previous day, adding that the peak generation averaged 4,425mw, down by 5.5 percent.

Another troubling sector was education in which Nigeria was second to the bottom with Egypt coming first from the rear.

“1. Switzerland 2. Singapore 3. Finland 5. US 16. Germany 20. UK 26. France 31. Japan 34. India 35. Indonesia 39. China 52. Russia 54. Saudi Arabia 74. Iran 94. Pakistan 99. Turkey 119. Brazil 120. Nigeria 129. Egypt”

The platform ranked Nigeria as follow:

“Nigeria ranking, 2017 of 137 countries: Roads quality: 127th Airport quality: 125th Electricity supply: 132nd Education system: 120th Math and science: 118th Innovation: 112th Life expectancy: 133rd Security: 127th Trust in politicians: 130th”.

Nigeria Ranks Second Worst Electricity Supply Nation In 2017


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