The next big niches for internet marketing in Nigeria in 2018


The next big niches for internet marketing in Nigeria in 2018

Internet marketing is an evolving industry in Nigeria and globally, everyday new soft wares are developed which changes the way information is created and delivered to the end users. The early days of internet marketing in Nigeria was a boom that created a few millionaires, their success stories motivated quite a lot to take a shot.

Blogging and information marketing became the entry point of most internet marketers and is still the same for most aspiring internet entrepreneurs even in 2018. But right now things are changing fast and we gradually exiting the era of banner ads from advertising networks which pays by clicks or impressions.

In this article am going to expound on the bigger picture that goes beyond having a blog that generates pay-per-click income, but before I dive into it for those who are still in limbo on what internet marketing means, it simply means selling your goods and services via internet.

I have been a full time internet marketer the past three years and I feel it’s time to give back to my readers who made my career possible. So let’s now take a look at the niches that will no doubt take a big chunk of the fish in the pond in years to come;

eBook stores & book review sites

Have you ever considered what book publishing will look like in the next 10years? The innovations and delivery methods of books are tilting towards eBooks as e-learning is gradually taking the centre stage in the education sector. Although there are quite a few number of good websites offering the service of selling books via internet but it has not really gathered momentum as it should. Book reviews are also an aspect of book publishing which has not made millionaires on the internet. These are opportunities that are waiting to be explored in Nigeria which will no doubt make new millionaires in the coming years. Why not dig deeper into online bookstores and become the big dog in the house when the time for success stories come?

Talent hunt sites

This is a completely new idea which you could probably pay me good cash for free consulting; but make no mistake about this I am yet to see a good talent hunt site in Nigeria. The entertainment industry in Nigeria is very hot and the biggest in Africa, Nigeria is a country with a lot of talents with many never having opportunity to be discovered; your talent hunt site could be what they need to get discovered by producers. There are many Emmanuellas out there who need this opportunity to become superstars.

Shows like big brother naija, gulder ultimate search, project fame comes around once in a while and make new stars which goes to show how thin the chances of these talents getting discovered is. The idea here is to create a user friendly portal for talents to showcase their work of art and then throw in voting for all categories where a winner will emerge to win a prize. This will bring talent hunters to meet with potential superstars and when this happens your portal could go viral with all the good things that come with it. You can decide to partner with companies for sponsorship and make it even bigger. You can tweak the idea as you please but this remains a viable business model on the internet waiting to be tapped.

Baby show sites

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s there is what we call baby shows organised by primary health care centres which encourage good hygiene for new born babies between the ages of 0-2years, the show is a kind of contest where these babies are showcased with the best dressed winning the grand prize. The show may no longer be organised by our primary health centres but you can resurrect it with a nice portal for mothers to showcase their cute babies and winners decided by votes. It goes viral easily without spending money on promotion because these parents will post their links on social media soliciting for votes. This brings in a lot of traffic and I hope you know what traffic brings to the table? You can decide to monetise it by selling some baby kits & wears or even placing banner ads on it, it’s a win-win situation for everyone here.

These are just a few ideas that could create the next internet millionaires and only the smart ones know how to take the ball and run with it.

The next big niches for internet marketing in Nigeria in 2018


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  1. Ezekiel, these ideas are quite priceless and I am definitely going to try out one of them.
    I have also bookmarked your site so I will give you feedback on the outcome.

    Thanks for putting these info out here.

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