How BeepMagnetCoin is revolutionizing the Blockchain technology

beepmagnet coin
beepmagnet coin

  – It’s all about matching technology with innovation

The BeepMagnetCoin Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows people or institutions to transfer funds instantly, securely and without a middleman. It can potentially expand international commerce, support financial inclusion, and transform how we shop, save and do business in ways we probably cannot even yet fully understand. It is designed to be a true representation of technology.

The coin that has the power to change your life

bmcoin is backed up by the GoldCity Project; a real estate development project that offers subscribers an opportunity to have full or partial ownership rights as investors. It is an asset-backed coin valued by the strength of its holders and community; and with wallets for all popular platforms from Windows and MacOS to Android and paper wallet, there re no limitations to what you can do with the bmcoin.

A Hybrid Coin

BMCoin is digitally designed to deliver an optimal blend of security, convenience and utility. The BMCoin combines the best approaches of decentralized cryptocurrencies with the best aspects of the centralized cryptocurrencies. In the process, many of the demerits from each of these approaches are eliminated. ​


BeepMagnetCoin runs on its own Blockchain. With the Blockchain technology one can easily create one’s own crypto-currency, create accounting system, banking, insurance, asset management, smartphone technology and a lot of day to day operations.

Military Grade Security

It boasts highly secured applications. It has a high percentage of defence attack system.  Super secure value store and cash payment system for the digital space. Takes advantage of a growing community to make sure that inflation doesn’t affect it.

Powers Real Estate Investments

The idea of the BMCoin is simple. It is designed that each BMCoin would be backed by a Real Estate Asset. In effect, it seeks to be the Real Estate Crypto Coin.

Mobile Games

With the introduction of the BMCoin into the gaming industry, starting with the about to be launched Mobgames hybrid framework, it seeks to reward the passion of mobile games lovers to profit.

Offers Minting Rewards

For wallets connected constantly to Power and Internet, minting results when the network confirms transactions.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Geting started with bmcoin is pretty simple. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be set up in no time.

Download Wallet

A wallet is like your online bank account, only it is stored securely on your local computer, or device; giving you 100% control. From your wallet you can send and receive bmcoin, manage your address book,  and review your transactions. Click here to download the mobile app

Get bmcoins

To own the bmcoin you must subscribe to the GoldCity Project which is an innovation that combines the power of Crypto Education and e-learning to achieve tomorrow’s Assets ( Real Estate). Joining  will translate to you owning bmcoins.

beepmagnet coin2

Join simple merchant

The final step to enjoying the bmcoin and everything else that comes with the BeepMagnet package is to join the Gold Club. There are immense benefits that you stand to gain like discounts and personal development. Click here to activate simple merchant


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