Ex-school teacher recount how she grew her Foodstuff Business

Joy Efughi who sells foodstuffs in Lagos
Joy Efughi who sells foodstuffs in Lagos

Former school teacher recounts how she grew her Foodstuff Business – Many women are becoming important players in the Nigerian economy by engaging one in one business or the other. Joy Efughi, who sells foodstuffs in a Lagos, tells Temitayo Adesina how she started the business and the challenges she has overcome to stay in the business and grow it. Excerpts:

How did you start your business?

Before I started this business, I was a teacher and I owned a school and because I was unable to prove that I own the school, the government confiscated my school. However, with little fund that t had, I started this foodstuffs selling business 2002.

Have your children been supportive since you started this business?

Yes, they have been supportive since I started this business but now they are in school so they don’t usually help me as before.

How has this business helped you and your family?

Though this business, I have been able to send my children to school and pay my bills, feed my family and contribute to buying many things in the house.

How do you deal with your competition?

When my competition sells their foodstuffs for a higher price, I sell mine for a cheaper price just to attract the consumers to buy from me or I will add extra for them.

How did you deal with your challenge in this business?

I had a lot of challenge in the business, most times the rain causes problem for me because my shop is still a growing shop and most times my customers talk to me rudely and they also insult me.

What are your hopes for this business?

I hope and pray to God to help extend this business to bigger one.


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