Academy to train marketing researchers births in Lagos

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Academy to train marketing researchers births in Lagos – An academy to train marketing researchers known as Market Research Academy has opened in Lagos State.

According to the Programme Director, Market Research Academy, Seyi Adeoye, the academy will equip market researchers and practitioners with business advisory skills so that they can give their best to organisations.

Speaking to our correspondent on the sidelines of the unveiling of the academy, Adeoye said that the MRA would produce researchers who could advise manufacturing firms about taste of consumers and the products that were trending at particular periods and where they were trending.

He said that Africa accounted for only one per cent of global market research spend, estimated at $45bn and that  this could only grow if more enterprises in Africa embraced research to improve their businesses.

“They must be ready to offer qualitative services by up-skilling their workforce through an academy like ours. A highly competitive marketplace equally means a highly competitive talent environment,” he said.

Adeoye added that the academy was not only meant for established consultants but fresh graduates looking for jobs and finding it difficult to fit into the work places.

He said, “The academy is an interventionist move to close the widening knowledge gap in Nigeria’s marketing research consultancy business. It will also upscale the skills of practitioners especially as the market becomes more demanding and dynamic.

“Some of the programmes are Graduate Launch, which is a training programme for graduates looking to develop a career in marketing research, persons responsible for marketing research at different organisations, marketing managers with recently expanded portfolios, which include marketing research and any person looking for solid foundation in marketing research.”

He said that the academy would also handle master’s classes for mid/senior level marketing research consultants.

“The academy’s flagship programme is a 10-week intensive training programme for experienced professionals; persons responsible for marketing in different organisations and marketing managers looking for solid foundation in marketing research.

Among the advisory faculty members at the academy, according to him, are an accomplished economist,  Doyin Salami; an experienced researcher, Michael Abhulimen; and a former marketing director of Lafarge Nigeria, Lanre Fashakin.

Adeoye said, “We have partnership with Research Rockstar LLC, United States of America, the world’s only independent market research training company. Facilitators from this training institute will take all our master’s classes via virtual platforms and hands-on engagement by local industry leaders.”


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