Nigeria Police IG disgraces self in public [VIDEO]

Police alleges Saraki interfering with investigation

Nigeria Police IG disgraces self in public – The video of the Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris struggling to read his speech at a police event in Kano has gone viral on the internet.

Many wondered what could have happened to the police boss who couldn’t read his speech coherently. He was making mistakes and repeating the words that at a time he felt embarrassed and had to apologise to the audience.

See what Aisha Yesufu, an activist of the BringBackOurGirls campaign tweeted after seeing the video: ”I just watched the video of the IG @PoliceNG and all I feel for him is pity. On such a big stage and in full glare like someone who was inebriated. He kept apologising for he knew something was wrong. I kept cringing. It’s so pitiful.


Watch the video yourself and let’s have your comment. Is he suffering from Dyslexia like some people are suggesting?


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