Why Student’s Bursary Must Be Tied To Social Responsibility

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Why Student’s Bursary Must Be Tied To Social Responsibility – WOMEN throughout the ages have an enviable and controversial parts in history, they have built and destroyed history, they have secured their societies and also destroyed their society, the Biblical Jezebel was both an ornament of beauty quest for greed and power and heartlessness.

She is known to have used her ornamental beauty to destroy and also seek personal glory, in Roman and Greek mythology the powers and influence women wielded cannot be underestimated, we have Greek and Roman goddess that also represent the powers women wielded though subjective as majority were seen rather than heard. In Nigeria we have had several powerful women like Queen Amina of Zaria, Queen Idia of Benin, Princess Omotewhore of Uzere, and Queen Moremi of Ife among others who in ancient times defend the relevance of womanhood to development and peace. The influence of these women to socio-economic upliftment of their societies cannot be underestimated.

In post and pre-colonial Nigeria we have great women who contributed to women and socio development, we have Mrs. Ransome Kuti whose political activism led to the Egba women riot, we have the Aba women riot against colonial masters excessive

taxation on their husbands, we have Mary Slessor who stopped the killings of twins in calabar and endeared herself to the people, we have Mrs Maggereth. Ekpo who was named after the Cross River international airport in Calabar and in modern times women have broken the barriers of politics, economy , social class segregation and have reposition themselvesin every sphere of our development. Women have through education

advanced as global leaders that cannot be waved aside, women unlike in the past are not only mothers who should be restricted to breeding of children as some cultures believes but as co-leaders at home and in every society, they rear children in knowledge and their counsel cannot be underestimated.

Women have embraced education to advance their self-worth in Africa and that is why we have women as presidents of their nations, as we saw in Liberia, that women are governors, chief executive officers of multinational companies, and heads of financial institutions among other important sectors. Without women development cannot be evaluated. However, the young girls of today must not rely on luck and beauty to achieve its goals, the girls of today to grow up to woman of substance must understand they must rely on brains and hard work rather than flaunting their anatomical vanities, they must understand what makes a woman is not the Brazilian long hairs they buy to put on their natural hair so as to look like a Western women, it is not the big boots they put on or the surgical implant that make their booty have extra flesh which they flaunt with skinny clothing, it is not the artificial eye latches, eye brows that gave them a false view or the colorings on lips, finger nails or face. Our women as future mothers must think beyond this.

Today women though have natural eye latches they scrape them off to have their own direction as fashion demands, those that have weak breasts today have implants to make sagging breasts firm and succulent as fresh oranges, those who cannot rely on foam bra and plant finger nails the and human hair to look fresh and different when the inside remain same, those who are shorter in height put on high hills to hide their shortness-these women go extra length to have flat tommy and also implant booty, they have plastic surgery that remove wrinkles and make them younger, apart from the pancake coloring device women resort to in the beautification brawl that has become their lot. They must understand the dressing code, colorings and all these does not make or depict a woman’s integrity what does is her brain and the values inherent in her and these could be the reason while most men are easily attracted to them but when married it collapses with slight provocation because the deception their artificial beauty brings is not what their inside brains present.

The girls of today who indulged in these activities have no doubt despite the calling of true womanhood, most are custodians

of night clubs whore they stripe naked for anything goes, most in educational institutions use their body to and money gotten through conventional prostitution to pass and get marks they don’t deserve, the result is tragedy to a society, these character

don’t believe in competence, but connection, they sleep with their parent’s age to get choice employments with certificates they cannot defend, they are in politics, financial institutions, schools and every facet of our society that the rot is evident and this is why progress is not being made, most banks are also into this prostitution chattel, they recruit beautiful girls even when they know those girls have nothing upstairs and they give each a commitment to meet a financial target for the bank to remain in such jobs. What these girls do to remain in business is heart telling, they look for politicians with affluence to date and even be ready as extra sex partners, they look for wealthy business men or society men to date, they are not restricted to one but many and the task is just to lure them to deposit money in their banks in reward for promotion for the girls responsible. These financial institutions unknowingly are aiding fraud, immorality and corruption and this is the bane of our economy.

These women have departed from the sweat and labour of their forebears whose glory is in the progress of their husbands and good upbringing of their children. We have abandoned our culture and embraced foreign values that are detrimental to the progress society, women now dress like men, drink alcoholic drinks without caution, and they smoke and even when eating with their husbands consume the best part of the meal without respect for elders and their husbands as culture dictates. The woman of today is unfaithful to her marital vows, they date men outside their marriage without conscience because men do it, and their only principle is that you must not be caught, many are not building their homes but rather defecating on values that once sustained the society.

In rural societies women are builders and sustainers of such communities, they are moral armaments that shape children, they are bread winners and put themselves in grave situation to send their children to school or engage them in skill acquisition that make them productive citizens, as they send their children from home the words “know whose child you are” speaks volumes

and the child does everything not to bring disgrace and disrespect to his parents.

The vices among us are pervasive today because the value of women in the society is fading and that’s why many ascribe a wayward child to her mother but though a good character in a child maybe because of her mother, society ascribe it to the father and this is not stranger because women are seen not heard, their actions, duties and character speaks for them. Any society to be great must have good women as guides or its going

to be a goose chase with no rewards, our women as it was in the past are valuable assets in African society, women are sacred in African theology, they sustained life and through them continuity is entrenched, while the nakedness of a woman is sacred that of man is not, the body of a woman is the temple of her husband, where he goes to worship at odd times, secretly and prayers are answered, that is why even in war when men are slaughtered, women are spared because with them humanity

is sustained.

The woman is so important in culture that when a woman is happy with her husband and prays for him regularly it reflects in a man’s success. The power men wields as powerful monarchs, political leaders, economic and industrial giants have the imprint

of women, without women we lose the reflective benefit of opposite that provide alternative and women provides the void a man does not have in been alone as a helper in values and moulding of homes and this is important because a good homes is a reflection of a good society. Women are important to society as mothers and home builders, they should be cherished because without them we would lost the past and would have been unable to preserve the present, and beside every successful

man there is a woman so we also have bad woman beside every unsuccessful man. Society must accord a place of pride for women development and sustainability of values that has sustained women throughout the ages.

Today woman must rediscover herself and refocus to grab its past glory that led women to be social engineers and this was the age of the Egba women’s riot, Aba women’s riot where women rose as leaders to provide hope when the men folk seems to have lost faith, the women of today must see education as a tool of liberation to equip herself and her generation, they must be armaments of moral energy that discards noticeable rot and stench in some women, women must give hope to their neighborhood and as nurse to her children and husbands the assurance of hope and security. Women are not just about artificial

beauty or enhancement but should be epitome of brain and character because the most enduring wealth in this world is knowledge not vanity that comes and not permanent, our girls as future mothers should shun all negative vices and reposition themselves as leaders, they should reject their categorization as object of pleasure that can be used and discarded, they can only do this by self-discovery.

The humiliation of women as such object is promoted

by women themselves, in music videos you see their traits, in daily dressing code that exposes anatomical features, they hawk themselves for daily sustenance, in schools, hotels, have become brothels of prostitution and the rot is unending.

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