Ultimate guide to buy cheap cars in Nigeria & Where to buy

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An ultimate guide to buy cheap cars in Nigeria and where to get them – Buying a car is, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions we have ever made in our lives. In order to afford a car, many Nigerians have to work hard and save up for years. That is why it is necessary to do thorough research before spending your hard-earned money on the valuable property that will accompany us in the next few years of our lives.

This article will give you helpful yet simple tips on how and where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria. And by “cheap cars”, we mean both new and used vehicles, made in Nigeria cars and tokunbo units, as long as they have affordable price tags.

How to buy cheap cars in Nigeria

  1. Never be in a rush

Don’t ever let the seller knows how desperate you are to have that car

A golden rule to buy cheap cars in Nigeria is never be in a rush. In other words, don’t ever let the seller knows how desperate you are to have that car. By showing too obviously your excitement towards a deal, you are unintentionally lowering your negotiation position.

Also, never fall for the old selling tricks of “Someone has already reserved this car” or “Someone is paying a higher price and he/she is coming to get it tomorrow”. You know it right? There is, in most cases, no such “someone”. So always keep cool and comport yourself.

  1. Join car forums & ask for cheap cars for sale in Nigeria

Car forums are also helpful sources that can provide you with various advices and more importantly, genuinely affordable car deals in Nigeria. Most of the forums are free to register so sign in some and actively interact with other members. Let them know some basic information such as what specific models you are eyeing, your preferable price range and your location.

  1. Take into consideration used cars with high mileage

A car with high mileage does not necessarily means it is not a good deal. In fact, it is totally understandable that cars with low price tags should have travelled for quite a few miles. However, don’t just easily put a car off because of such perception. A used car with high mileage could still be your good partner on the road for years ahead as long as it is well-maintained by the previous owners.

  1. Say no to luxury used vehicles

Your priority purpose is to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, remember? So classy used vehicles with unnecessary luxury features should not be taken into consideration. Stay focused on normal models with essential features and avoid getting distracted by classy ones.

  1. Look at cars with low resale value

While some vehicles from Japanese automakers such as Honda Accord and Honda Camry have very high resale value, other used cars from Hyundai or Kia can be sold at give-away prices. That is why it is advised that you should so some researches to earn a fair idea of the local automotive market scenario.

Hyundai or Kia cars have very low resale value

Where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria

If you prefer being the first owner: Consider made in Nigeria cars

Looking for the most affordable car but still want to go for a brand new one? Why not considering buying made in Nigeria cars?

In 2013, the Nigeria’s Government implemented a new automobile policy that discouraged the importation of entirely-assembled cars. As a result, automakers have immediately seized this chance to launch more vehicles that are assembled and designed locally.

Some of the most affordable Made in Nigeria cars are the IVM G80, the Hyundai Grand i10, and the Nissan Almera.

IVM G80 is an affordable made-in-Nigeria car

If you don’t mind buying a used car

  • Ask your family and friends if they have used cars for sale: Let your family, friends and co-workers know that you are searching for a used car. Maybe you can get some discounts from them due to sentiment. In some cases, those types of sellers might not be fully aware of the precise resale value of their cars or might be too lazy to get through all procedures to put their vehicles for sale. That is why these often make the best deals.
  • Visit car selling sites in Nigeria: There are many car classified sites that can help you find cheap cars in Nigeria. Make sure you do your car search on reliable car selling websites such as cheki.com.ngnaijauto.com, and olx.com.ng to avoid the risk of losing our hard-earned money to online scammers.
There are many car classified sites that can help you find cheap cars in Nigeria

Purchase from USA auction and import yourselfBy doing so, you can save from a few thousands up to even several millions for dealer’s profit, brokerage fee for middle men and other ancillary charge. Besides, there are also some local car auctions taking place annually with the most famous one is held by Nigerian Customs. Attending such events could help you buy cheap cars in Nigeria at unbelievable price.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, our guide has given you useful tips so that finding genuinely cheap cars in Nigeriahas become a less challenging mission. Not all cheap used vehicles for sale out there are in poor conditions. And not all sellers of cheap secondhand vehicles are scammers or just trying to rip one off. With mindful research and a little luck, you could totally find cars that are even cheaper than an iPhoneX

How about you? Let us know your genius ways of buying cheap cars in Nigeria!

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