Simple steps To Effect Change Of Name In A Nigerian Bank Account

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How To Effect Change Of Name In A Nigerian Bank Account – Change of name does not happen all the time and when there is a reason to make changes to our name, it is good practice to effect the changes in all our official documents including our bank account. This is often common among the female folk as a result of marriage and at least once in a life time a woman goes through the process.

Men also may change their name for one reason or the other. In this article am going to explain the processes involved in effecting change of name in a Nigerian bank account. There is a slight variation in the process for male and female customers of bank and am going to start from the process and requirement for female bank customers:


  1. Marriage certificate
  2. A valid ID card that has the new name on it
  3. A newspaper publication announcing the change of name to the general public
  4. A written letter to the bank requesting for the change of name
  5. A duly filled customer information update form

These are the five major requirement needed to effect a name change for female customers on the grounds of marriage, but when the name change happens for other reasons this process and requirement applies to both the male and female customers:

  1. A court affidavit declaring the new name
  2. A valid ID card with the new name on it
  3. A newspaper publication announcing the new name to the general public
  4. A written letter addressed to the bank manager on the reasons for the change of name
  5. A duly filled customer information update form

The process starts on the part of the bank after all these requirements has been provided by the customer and it usually takes 24hours to take effect.

But what if the customer is not in Nigeria and there is an urgent need to make changes to account name? Don’t worry, the process is pretty easy too. Depending on the reason for the change of name, below are the steps to be taken for a Nigerian bank customer who is abroad to successfully do a change of name in his or her bank account:

Contact your bank through their helplines and email address, these information can be gotten from the bank’s official websites and thankfully almost all Nigerian bank offer live chat customer service via websites, so either way can work.

The bank will request for the following documents to be scanned and sent to their email:

  1. International passport
  2. Resident permit
  3. Other relevant travel documents
  4. A written letter stating the reason for the change of name.
  5. A duly filled customer information update form

After authenticating and verifying the identity of the customer through some rigorous screening, the bank will go ahead to effect the name change and it usually takes 24hours.

I hope this article helps and if it does kindly share with friends.

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  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful piece.
    The importance of BVN in Nigerian modern banking cannot be over emphasized.

    It has become a common phenomenon for bank customers to be denied access to their hard earned funds on the premise of BVN issues which could emanate as a result of any of the following points

    1. Irregular name on BVN against the account.

    2. ID name differs from what’s obtainable on the BVN

    3. Irregular date of birth
    And all what have you.

    Be it on note that bank customers most times find out these issues either on the point of linking their BVNs to their accounts in event where such BVN was not profiled by the same bank.

    It’s however the duty of the account officers to educate these customers on the importance of maintaining a profiled name on BVN on the account as well.

    The customer’s BVN should be collected and xcheked at the point of account opening, so as to use the right name sequence in opening these accounts otherwise the customers resort to suffer thereafter.

    It should also be worthy of note that banks may not grant a request of changing your entire name on the BVN, rather will afford to make corrections.

    However, you’re entitled to only one bvn and this means you cannot be enrolled on BVN plat form twice, irrespective of banks. You can operate only one BVN for now as approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Do not think you can abandon your account with any bank because you can’t fix the issues, kindly get necessary materials as outlined by the writer on this article and solve your problem.

    In any case you wish to get your BVN number via your cellphone, kindly dial *565*0# with your registered phone number.
    You will however be charged N20 for this service, irrespective of the service provider, hope that helps.

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