Five Things to Note about NPower April Stipend Payment

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Five Things to Note about NPower April Stipend Payment – It is that time of the month and we know that NPower volunteers are looking forward to start receiving stipend payment for the month of April, though some volunteers are yet to receive March payment and we believe that Npower team is working in making sure they get their march pay, that notwithstanding, this post is in regard to N-Power April stipend payment.

We give latest Npower news, monthly stipends payment to its blog reader. So as usual, we are here to update you on five things to note about NPower April stipend payment for beneficiaries.

Five Things to Note about NPower April Stipend Payment for Beneficiaries:

1.) The NPower Stipends payment alert inscription still remain “FGN FEDER” so don’t be confuse when you see that on your April Alert.

2.) Don’t be surprised if the payment of April stipend is delayed, Monthly payment of stipends will continue to be delayed according to the Minister.

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Five Things to Note about NPower April Stipend Payment

3.) Those yet to get March stipends might end up getting double alert (March & April)

4.) April Stipends will also follow payment parameters to enable payment get to the right beneficiaries so as to avoid what happened in March when payment errors occur due to the change in payment platform.

5.) The usual search of those who are gainfully employed elsewhere and are still receiving NPower stipends will be conducted as usual and those find guilty will be exited before April stipends payment.

Remember to stay safe and always use protective face mask in public and take other preventive measures to avoid covid-19.

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