Lagos state vehicle registration & plate number verification

Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification3
Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification3

Lagos state vehicle registration & plate number verification – Due to the enormous volume of traffic, Centre of Excellence is the only state to issue plate number beside FRSC. Below is Lagos state vehicle registration and verification

Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency

With an impressive number of cars and commercial vehicles, Lagos state leads the country in the percentage of vehicular movement (accounting for 30% of all Nigerian traffic). Its average record last year was 227 vehicles per km of road while the data for national average is just 11. This is totally understandable given the fast-paced development of Lagos economy.

In the old days, all the problems related to road traffic safety of 36 states throughout the nation would fall into Federal Road Safety Corp. Federal Government also held the monopoly of issuing vehicle license, including Lagos state vehicle registration. However, to meet to increasing demand of Lagos vehicles plus considering the stress Lagosians suffer when registering their transports, MVAA was set up in 2007.

With such increase of vehicles, MVAA foundation is predictable

Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency has done a great job with around 20 thousand plate numbers issued monthly. This organization also takes charge of over 60% vehicle number plates produced in Nigeria. As Lagos state auto registration service is much more convenient than that of FRSC in other states, many car owners have come to the state for this service.

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In 2015, roughly 305,000 vehicles had been registered in Lagos with an increase of 19,000 compared to the record in 2014. That is to demonstrate the popularity of MVAA.

Here are the contacts of MVAA for your reference:

Address: Plot 8, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 08021349256, 08033011258, 08024719624, 08023276869 or 08023071038

  1. Lagos state vehicle registration

With a view to turning Lagos into a smart city aided by hi-technology systems and intelligent process, Lagos authorities always try to cut down on redundant laws and manual procedures.

In an official announcement of MVAA, they state that Lagos state vehicle registration plate process will not exceed 40 minutes should the applicants present enough documents required. The CMR (Central Motor Registry document) will also be picked after 2 days then.

MVAA confirmed publicly to process vehicle registration within 40 minutes

2.1. Lagos number plate codes

Lagos plate number conforms to the format ABC – 123DE in which ABC indicates the local government where the vehicle was registered. By looking at Lagos state plate number abbreviation, you can tell exactly the place that vehicle owner comes from.

Three digits and 2 letters afterwards are simply the order number of plates issued.

Besides standard plate numbers, you can also register for special number plates: out of series plate numbers and fancy numbers. The former is for those who want a specific number while the latter offers customized plates with names or symbols.

Let’s take a look at these mainstream Lagos number plate codes and their meanings:

  • SMK: Somolu
  • JJJ: Ojo
  • APP: Apapa
  • KJA: Ikeja
  • LSR: Surulere
  • FKJ: Ifako Ijaiye
  • LND: Lagos Mainland
  • LSD: Oshodi Isolo
  • KSF: Kosofe
  • AKD: Ibeju Lekki
  • AGL: Ajeromi Ifelodun
  • KRD: Ikorodu
  • KTU: Alimosho
  • GGE: Agege
  • EKY: Eti-Osa
  • BDG: Badagry
  • AAA: lagos Island
  • MUS: Mushin
  • EPE: Epe
  • FST: Festac

The three first letters represent the place where the vehicle is registered

Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification
Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification

2.2. Lagos state autoreg service

To register number plates in Lagos, you have to visit Lagos MVAA offices for vehicle registration that spread throughout the state. For example, you can come to:

  • Beach road, Abogwa/Block 9, Old Secretariat in Ikeja
  • Ipaja road, Abekoko, Agege
  • Vio yard, Berger Cement Bus stop, Olodi Apapa, etc.

There are around 50 MVAA offices that can issue you a number plate in Lagos, so you can easily access one near your living area. When visiting the center, make sure you have prepared all documents required to save time, including:

  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Insurance policy number
  • Identification card or Passport
  • Proof of living address (bills for example)
  • Insurance papers
  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Tax identification number

Please also note that if the vehicle is imported, custom papers would be compulsory.

ID document is a must when applying for vehicle registration

Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification2
Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification2

2.3. Cost of vehicle registration in Lagos

The cost of vehicle registration in Lagos is divided into different categories, detailed as in the table below:

Lagos MVAA services  
Service/ Product Rates
Number plate
Standard number plate 12,500 nairas
Number plate renewal 10,000 nairas
Articulated number plate 20,000 nairas
Out of service 40,000 nairas
Fancy number plate (standard) 80,000 nairas
Fancy number plate (motor cycle) 30,000 nairas
Motorcycle plate (ordinary) 3,000 nairas
Number plate replacement (standard) 10,000 nairas
Motor dealers plate (special) 30,000 nairas
Motor dealers plate (ordinary) 25,000 nairas
Vehicle registration
Weighing and registration fee
Motor vehicle 5,000 nairas
Motorcycle 1,250 nairas
Change of ownership
Motor vehicle 2,500 nairas
Motor cycle 625 nairas
Capital gain tax
Motor vehicle 625 nairas
Motor cycle 625 nairas
Other charges
Police CRM 1,000 nairas
Police inspection fee 500 nairas
Custom processing fee 500 nairas
Vehicle license
Vehicle below 1.6cc 1,250 nairas
Vehicle BTW 1.6 – 2.0cc 1,875 nairas
Vehicle BTW 2.0 – 3.0cc 2,500 nairas
Vehicle above 3.0cc 2,125 nairas
Motorcycle Private 625 nairas
Motorcycle Commercial 1,250 nairas
Minibuses/ Pick-up 2,500 nairas
Hiace buses 3,125 nairas
Costal buses 3,250 nairas
Tipper & Lorries 3,750 nairas
Tankers & Trucks/ Luxurious Buses 6,250 nairas
16 Tyres Trailer 8,750 nairas
Tractors & Bulldozers 2,500 nairas
Vehicle Alert 200 nairas
Hackney permit charges vehicle type
Taxi cab 3,525 nairas
Car hire services 3,725 nairas
Kabukabu 3,925 nairas
Vehicle with capacity to carry 1-21 passengers 4,475 nairas
Vehicle with capacity to carry more than 21 passengers but less than 40 passengers 5,475 nairas
Vehicle with capacity to carry more than 40 passengers but less than 50 passengers 6,475 nairas
Vehicle with capacity to carry more than 50 passengers and above 8,475 nairas
Commercial vehicles for goods above 3 tons 3,725 nairas
Commercial vehicles 3 tons 4,725 nairas
Tankers 6,475 nairas
Tippers 6,475 nairas
Trailers 6,475 nairas
Trucks 6,225 nairas
Interstate 3,225 nairas
Staff Bus 3,425 nairas
Okada 2,000 nairas
Tricycles 2,000 nairas
Drivers license
New license 6,350 nairas
Renewal 6,350 nairas
Learners permit 50 nairas
Riders card 800 nairas
Registration of motor vehicle & spare parts dealers
Registration of motor vehicle dealers 100,000 nairas
Registration of motor vehicle spare parts dealers 50,000 nairas
Registration form (motor vehicles) 5,000 nairas

(Extracted from official document by Motor Vehicle Administration Agency)

Recently, it’s rumored that the rates are increased to match the tax and infrastructure spending. However, Lagos government has affirmed that it’s not true. Accordingly, the cost for registration process will remain the same as before.

Watch how car number plates are made!

  1. Lagos state plate number verification

To make sure you don’t fall into fake vehicle registration agencies, you should know how to verify Lagos plate number. Lagos state plate number verification is so simple that you must be surprised at.

Please follow these steps for Lagos state vehicle number verification:

  • Log into MVAA official website at
  • Enter your vehicle plate number in the Plate Number box
  • Click on Search

The information of vehicle registration will be revealed right after if the plate number is valid. Otherwise, you’re caring a fake number plate and might be called upon by police for forgery.

Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification3
Lagos state vehicle registration plate number verification3

MVAA plate checker returns search results

  1. Conclusion

If you’re looking for a quick convenient place to register your motorbike or car, don’t hesitate to opt for Lagos state vehicle registration conducted by MVAA. Their friendly staff and time-saving procedures have been highly recommended by many motorists. However, remember to prepare all necessary documents so you don’t need to return there the second time.

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