ALICE Token remains Bullish, up 60% Over Last 24 Hours

ALICE Token Is up 60 Over Last 24 Hours Stays Bullish
ALICE Token Is up 60 Over Last 24 Hours Stays Bullish

ALICE Token remains Bullish, up 60% Over Last 24 Hours – The ALICE Token is presently on a bullish trend. Specifically, it is up above 60% in the past 24 hours alone. At the time of writing, the asset stands at $12.49. And is at a 24-hour trading volume of $774,696,374.

In particular, the My Neighbor Alice Coin (ALICE) has been rapidly climbing up in the last 24 hours. More so, over 17 million ALICE Coins are circulating at the moment. This marks its current active supply from its 100 million total supply.

In detail, My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game. The game will be out in January 2022 for early investors and in Spring 2022 for the rest of the world. As we can see, the game is already gaining popularity before its official launch. It seems investors have begun preparing for the much-anticipated release. In this game, players can buy and own virtual land.

To highlight, the game was inspired by Animal Crossing. Thus, besides buying and owning land, players can also collect items, meet friends, and build on the island. However, the most important feature in the game will be the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

These NFTs will be owned by the players as in-game items. Additionally, players can also choose to trade these NFTs outside the platform. ALICE acts as the native token within this virtual world’s gaming universe.

ALICE tokens play many a crucial role within the platform. To name a few, ALICE will act as an in-game currency. Players can purchase assets as well as special skill sets in the game or in Alice’s marketplace.

Besides this, ALICE tokens can also be staked. Players can earn a percentage of platform revenues from asset sales, plot sales, and transaction fees. Players can also use ALICE to participate in the platform’s governance process. Finally, ALICE also acts as a player incentive. For instance, players who will complete quests within the game can earn ALICE tokens. Above all, this feature will encourage users to be active members of the platform.

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