Rob Weiss to produce First Crypto-Based TV Show, ‘Hold On for Dear Life’

Rob Weiss to produce First Crypto Based TV Show ‘Hold On for Dear Life
Rob Weiss to produce First Crypto Based TV Show ‘Hold On for Dear Life

Rob Weiss to produce First Crypto-Based TV Show, ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ – Rob Weiss is set to executive produce and direct multiple episodes of “Hold On for Dear Life,” the first-ever scripted television series centered on modern cryptocurrency culture.

The series follows a young tech founder, Mel, as she launches a non-fungible token (NFT) named after her best friend, Aveer, who disappeared. Along with a squad of misfit friends, Mel must overcome enemies and centralized powers on a mind-bending and inspiring journey.

“When I read the ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ pilot, I felt as if I had been transported into a fresh and unique universe where characters spoke about money in a whole new language,” Weiss said. “The world of currency is rapidly changing, and ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ will both illuminate and entertain at the same time.”

“Hold On for Dear Life” is also executive produced by Beacon Pictures’ Mark Pennell, Satoshi Nakamoto Productions and the MAP Group. The show is created by the pseudo-anonymous crypto insider Suhh Toshee, who wrote multiple episodes.

The 10-episode comedy series is also the first show to tokenize portions of its net profits, and its ERC20 security token — the FDL token (For Dear Life) — is available now on Securitize’s online marketplace. Built on Ethereum using underlying smart contracts, the FDL token allows owners to receive pro rata net profits from the series directly into their digital wallets.

In May, Sator announced their blockchain-based platform and decentralized app that allows users to earn NFTs, tokens and other rewards for simply watching their favorite TV shows. “Hold On for Dear Life” will be the first series to utilize the platform. Season 1 of the series’ NFT is also being minted. These NFTs will be based upon original art, proprietary content and IP from the show such as characters, storylines, outtakes, scores and original art. Collaborating with NFT artists, the series aims to lead television into a new era, with discussions of releasing an entire episode as an NFT.

Weiss was nominated for three Emmy awards for his work on HBO’s “Entourage.” He is more recently known for writing, directing and producing “Ballers,” starring Dwayne Johnson and David John Washington.

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