Constellation Network Provides Commercial Partners End-to-End Blockchain Security

Constellation Network Provides Commercial Partners End to End Blockchain Security
Constellation Network Provides Commercial Partners End to End Blockchain Security

Constellation Network Provides Commercial Partners End-to-End Blockchain Security – Constellation Network, the crypto platform that aims to provide the world’s data with a cryptographically secure system, is now applying its blockchain protocol Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to the military’s digital infrastructure. This movement is made possible with the help of the Kinnami Software Corporation.

The Constellation Network transitioned from Phase I to a Direct to Phase II SBIR contract. This resulted in a big impact on the crypto world. Specifically, the network has successfully secured a working relationship with USTRANSCOM, Air Mobility Command (AMC), AMC’s 618 Air Operations Center (AOC), and a representative Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) partner. Through this partnership, these organizations using the blockchain technology of the Constellation Network can now secure exchanging mission data with commercial partners across the Defense Transportation System (DTS).

This made Lt Col Tharon Sperry, Deputy Director of Strategy for the 618th AOC react:

Being able to quickly and securely exchange information across the 618 AOC’s digital infrastructure is critical to our operational security. Equipping our airmen with the tools they need to coordinate mission details, while protecting the integrity of our global operations, has long been a critical factor when providing 24/7 command and control to mobility forces.

Lt Col Tharon Sperry added that he is thankful for the technology that the Constellation Network shared with them stating,

We’re thankful for the support we receive from our civilian partners and will continue to look to the future when it comes to improving our data security.

In addition, the network also has agreed to design a program that will meet the system requirements and improve the auditable security for operational mission datasets without changes to existing IT infrastructure on a cost-effective, enterprise scalable level. With this, the Constellation Network native digital asset, $DAG will be the primary crypto used by the  Federal Government to secure bandwidth and access to the network.

Benjamin Diggles, Constellation’s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder states:

In the last few years, blockchain technology has become very attractive to enterprise organizations with its promise to deliver more efficiency and security for numerous use cases, including supply chain management. Due to slow and costly networks, the adoption of blockchain has been very lackluster. This contract opens the door to bigger, more critical uses of blockchain for data protection in a global digital infrastructure, bringing forth the true promises of the core technology.

On the other hand, Kinnami Software Corporation also plays an important role in this event. To be specific, Kinnami provides a hybrid resilient data fabric delivering availability, protection, and security for these complex distributed data management environments. In detail, this combined, distributed zero-trust approach creates an end-to-end secure data management solution—from data creation and collection to transferability and storage.

Sujeesh Krishnan, CEO at Kinnami further, explained:

Securing sensitive data has become an increasing challenge for most enterprises. In the defense sector, protecting data is critical to saving lives, successful mission outcomes, and ensuring national security. Ensuring trust and integrity in the data provides an important additional level of operational confidence. Kinnami is thrilled to be collaborating with Constellation to jointly bring to the 618 AOC a best-in-class distributed data management and security platform to enable secure and trustworthy collaboration with external mission partners.

Presently, the Constellation network continues to expand its blockchain technology inside and outside the crypto market. Indeed, this aggressive movement made by the Constellation network uplifts the reputation of the crypto space worldwide.

About Constellation Network:

Constellation Network is a framework that allows everyone to build and conduct a business on the blockchain. Existing blockchain technology does not support the speed, scalability, and economic incentive needed to build applications with robust business logic. Constellation is its own ecosystem, comprising Hypergraph—a feeless network with a reputation-based consensus mechanism, the peer-to-peer (P2P) Stargazer Wallet, and a decentralized finance platform called Lattice Exchange. Constellation’s L_0 state channel token standard is an evolution of smart contracts that defines the rules of any business while tapping into Constellation’s Hypergraph, powered by rewards. $DAG is the native cryptocurrency that runs on the Constellation Network.

About Kinnami Software Corporation:

Kinnami provides a resilient data fabric that simplifies data availability, protection, and security for the complex distributed networks that are essential for making the connected future possible and an autonomous future a reality. Kinnami’s

easy-to-manage enterprise-class software enables a unified data environment for trust, transparency, and newfound collaboration—from edge devices to cloud. Customers achieve the irrefutable data integrity essential to distributed environments—including unsecured or free-standing networks and autonomous operations.

Kinnami was founded in 2015 by a team of data management and security experts, and has offices in Boston, Washington, Austin, TX, and London.

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