Cardano founder shared with excitement that Alonzo Update is ready to go

Game Changer for ADA as Cardanos Alonzo Upgrade goes live
Cardano's Alonzo Upgrade

Cardano founder shared with excitement that Alonzo Update is ready to go – Input Output Global and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson just shared a video update about the upcoming Alonzo Hard Fork as the network nears its smart contracts launch stage.

He reveals in the live stream that the important stakeholders from Cardano had an important meeting. This meeting was going to give the ultimate ‘go or no go’ decision. With some delight, he shared that the outcome is ‘go’.

Everything’s green and go, we’re on schedule

Talking about the rollout preparation for the final testnet that is due to launch on September 1, he noted that everything is ready to go. Hoskinson referred to this as the primary testnet, which is unlike Alonzo Purple that launched earlier this month. This upcoming testnet is more similar to the ones they use for crypto exchanges and other participants.

With this said, Hoskinson went on to add that there’s a lot of work to be done still. For instance, the entire team will have to make sure that everything is in line with the latest version of DB sink, etc.

Further, the CEO said that once it all rolls over on the Alonzo testnet, it is going to remain there until the update proposal is done on September 9. The final date he shared is September 12, which is the already-announced date for the smart contracts launch on Cardano. When they announced it earlier, ADA took a high jump in value.

Will it be “Haptopus” or “Sadopus”?

All in all, Hoskinson shared a bunch of positive news summarizing that the preparations were on schedule. He did mention a few bugs that the team has to fix but overall he seemed satisfied by the developments. About this, he stated that it’s likely to be a

Pretty uneventful rollover and we are pretty happy about it

Keeping the conversation light, Hoskinson also shared his new octopus toy with followers in the live video. In light of the present updates, the octopus is a rainbow-colored “haptopus” (a happy octopus), he explained. However, in the case that they hit a major issue or just have a bad launch, the octopus will turn into a “sadopus” (a sad octopus) and Charles would then flip it inside out to reveal bluer shades.

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