Planet Finance Becomes the First Project to Launch Convert LP

Planet Finance Becomes the First Project to Launch Convert LP
Planet Finance Becomes the First Project to Launch Convert LP

Celebrating a milestone, Planet Finance has achieved the record of becoming the first project in blockchain and DeFi to launch the Convert LP feature. In detail, Convert LP enables you, with one click, to convert your Liquidity Pool tokens back directly into a single token. As of uttermost significance, this is a move towards making DeFi simple to use for mass adoption.

 Source: Blue Planet, Planet Finance ecosystem

Steps on how to utilize Convert LP can be found on their Telegram platform: Also, in the same note of achievements Planet Finance launched 5 new Vaults on its ecosystem Uranus. This includes LTC-BNB, ALPACA-BUSD, UNI-BNB, BUNNY-BNB, and XVS-BNB.

Specifically, Planet Finance’s ecosystem consists of three planets. Firstly, the platform has the Blue Planet ecosystem. Blue Planet is the best aggregator that exclusively focuses on stable coins, offering the best auto-compounded yields in DeFi. Furthermore, there is the Red Planet. The Red Planet offers the best auto-compounded yields on the best cryptocurrencies in Defi.

Additionally is Uranus. The Uranus ecosystem offers the best auto-compounded shitcoin yields in DeFi. Uranus is a planet for those who are relentlessly on the hunt for the next 100x crypto, with a twist.

Planet Finance is a decentralized financial application where anyone can earn the best yields on their cryptocurrencies. More so, anyone can deposit funds into Planet Finance vaults, when they do they will earn more of the crypto they deposited as well as AQUA on top. AQUA is a governance token that powers Planet Finance.

The protocol is currently creating a decentralized lending protocol called Green Planet and a unique NFT marketplace called Pink Planet. To keep updated on this progress check the link:

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