SundaeSwap clarifies ‘concurrency issue’ in Cardano smart contract

SundaeSwap clarifies ‘concurrency issue in Cardano smart contract
SundaeSwap clarifies ‘concurrency issue in Cardano smart contract

SundaeSwap clarifies ‘concurrency issue’ in Cardano smart contract – After launching smart contracts in their testnet, Cardano faced backlash from the developers that tested it. Apparently, there were mixed feelings about the upgrade. Discussions arose and misconceptions naturally followed. Because of this, decentralized exchange SundaeSwap thought that it will be good to weigh in on the issue.

The SundaeSwap team published a post on the official medium blog of SundaeSwap Labs. In the blog, they laid out potential solutions and cleared up the misconceptions regarding the issue. They also presented their overall thoughts on the matter.

In light of the recent controversy regarding #Cardano’s eUTXO model & concurrency, we wrote an article clarifying misconceptions and propose a few solutions.

The team laid out three misconceptions. These are

Cardano is flawed because it only allows 1 transaction per block, only one user can interact with a smart contract per block/transaction, and the only way to solve this is through centralization.

According to SundaeSwap, Cardano supports many hundreds of transactions per block, many UTXOs may be governed by the same smart contract, and that centralization is not the only way to solve the issues.

Three potential solutions were also laid out by SundaeSwap, these are the following: design a DEX such that it didn’t require a single liquidity pool, an order book model for an exchange, or create a hybrid exchange.

Above are some of the potential solutions. However, according to the team, they’ve come up with a solution that’s different from these. They didn’t reveal the solution yet. But soon, they will pull down the curtain and demonstrate how they plan to solve the problems.

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