Business News In Nigeria – Financial Watch

Business News In Nigeria – Financial Watch

business news in nigeria – Nigeria is strategically positioned as Africa’s largest economy with potential market for virtually all productions from Europe, China, Asia, North and South America. In this premise it is very necessary to keep a close watch of business news in nigeria to be able to understand the markets and business environment in Africa’s largest economy.

Financial Watch is a top newspaper for business news In nigeria with special interest in banking, business, insurance, oil and gas. We are a team of dedicated experts in investigative journalism poised to uncover financial crimes in Nigeria; our publications exist on print, e-paper and online news website.

Our opinion on economy of Nigeria is a product of a deliberate and careful study of the market forces and government policies towards progressive economic development.

We operate with due diligence to the tenets of journalism woven around objectivity, fairness and balanced reports. Our editorial board is made up of individuals of proven integrity whose only reason of being in the profession is search for the truth.

We get leads from citizen journalists who have useful information that will be of great importance to the general public which we also verify. We are committed to informing the people only the truth no matter the challenges we face in our daily activities.

Some of the categories we provide daily intelligence are enumerated below:

Business opportunities – we track top business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa and position the minds of entrepreneurs towards creative and innovative business ideas that will not only create jobs but increase the standard of living in the country. Our reports on business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa are not limited to any sector as we explore various industries, careers and professions. We also report timely news on business news in nigeria without violating ethical and professional journalistic standards.

Economy – the economy of Nigeria and Africa in general has been in the focus of the west because of many emerging markets in the continent. We analyze economic trends as well as timely reports of Nigeria’s economy and Africa in general.

Finance watch – the financial institutions in the Nigeria and Africa in general play a unique role in growing the economy of the continent, so we place a close watch on activities, products, corporate social responsibilities as well as their work environment. Our finance watch category monitors banking news in Nigeria and serve as a watchdog in the industry.

Oil and gas – this category focuses on perhaps the biggest foreign exchange earning commodity in Nigeria and some other African countries. The oil and gas industry has been experiencing some fluctuations in pricing and has affected the economy of countries that depends on oil exports. We monitor the trends and report accurate and timely news in the industry.

Start-ups – every single day a new start-up springs up in Nigeria and Africa in general and our job is to monitor and provide reports on them while accessing their success and failures giving future start-ups a huge knowledge base archive of information. This category is invaluable to every entrepreneur in the continent.

Industry jobs – we monitor companies hiring and list available job vacancies in Nigeria on daily bases. If you are unemployed and need a suitable job this is the right place to search for authentic and verified job vacancies in Nigeria.

Trending top stories – We source for inspiring trending stories for your reading pleasure from all around the continent. These stories borders on politics, entertainment, sports, etc.

Technology – technology is never static and keeps innovating every day, so we monitor the trends and give you the latest news in the industry