Who is participating in the 2018 AYEEN program?

Shola Williams asked 9 months ago

It is no more news that the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria Program (AYEEN) 2018 Registration has officially started and the doors are once again open for 500 young entrepreneurs in Nigeria to benefit from the program.

AYEEN 2018 registration

If you are participating in AYEEN 2018 program kindly join us here to share information, ideas and knowledge about the program.

The African Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria’s (AYEEN) 2018 entrepreneurship program is back for the fourth consecutive year to help young entrepreneurs to get the required equipment, funding, mentorship, training, and exposure they need to build thriving businesses that would go on to create millions of jobs in Nigeria while also shaping the future of the African continent.

The application for the AYEEN 2018 program is currently ongoing and will cut across several industries including but not limited to banking, agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, education, construction, engineering, energy, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, food, retail, technology, and much more.

Applying for the AYEEN 2018 program is 100% FREE, and to do that, you can click here.