iPhone12: Tech Analysts speculates on the features of the yet to be launched Apple iPhone12 series

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By Onuoha Prosper

iPhone12: Tech Analysts speculates on the features of the yet to be launched Apple iPhone12 series – Apple Inc.is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, consumer software and online services. It is globally considered as one of the big four tech companies with its counterparts Facebook, Amazon, and Google. They are the producers of the popularly known and used iPhone, Apple watch, Apple Tv, Macintosh, IOS, iPod and more.

Tech analysts speculate on the features of the Apple iPhone12 series which will be launched in 2020. Rumors and speculations of the launching date are hovering around the internet concerning the iPhone12 series which are; the iPhone12, iPhone12 pro, and the iPhone12 pro max. Tech analysts are speculating on the features that will distinguish the Apple iPhone12 series from that of the Apple iPhone11 series.

Unique features like tracking, internal finger print censor, a coated back similar to that of the iPhone6 series, 5g network, quad core camera, better augmented reality experiences, group facetime, memoji; custom emoji that looks like you, Animoji with tongue detection, and grouped notification are the speculations of tech analysts of the ye to be produced Apple iPhone12 series.

The Apple iPhone12 series are reported to be coming out with an entirely new design. Unlike the prior products with round edges, the iPhone12 series will be with be of a square shaped design. As said by one of the many tech analysts, “We are hoping to see a reduced notch for the 2020 models or no notch at all and we hope the frosted matte glass rear from the 11pro models return as it is beautiful in the flesh”.

Tech analysts further emphasized their value on the Apple iPhone12 specification, design, and display. As said by one of the tech analyst “what we want to see” “premium waterproof design, return of the matte glass finish, reduced notch or no notch, USB-Type C, reverse charging capabilities, battery improvements, more lowlight camera improvement, 5g connectivity, A14 chip, IOS14, Apple pencil compatibility”.

Speculations were made on the display to be all OLED, variable refresh rates, and different sizes. Rumors have it that all 2020 iPhones will have an OLED display. Currently, the iPhone11 has an LCD display while the pro models have an OLED display.

There are also reports of variable refresh rates way better than the prior and change up in sizes. As said by an analyst, “apparently we might get a 5.42inchmodel, a 6.06inch model, and a 6.67inch in place of the 5.8inch, 6.1inch, and 6.5inch models we have the moment”.

Tech analysts say Apple is considering 3D depth cameras for its iPhone12 series; probably for the Pro models. The 3D cameras are said to boost AR capabilities. There are also predictions on the Apple iPhone12 series to have a quad camera and also a ToF sensor.

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