Consider these factors before taking up that job

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Unemployment can lead to many things, the desperation that goes with job hunt most often beclouds our sense of judgement and reasoning. Taking up a job when you needs it is a very exiting experience, but before you take up that job please consider the following factors:

  1. Is it in sync with your passion: Every man have a passion and a special role they can perform better, while many underplay the importance of passion for one reason or the other, the term is a recurrent decimal in any success story. So please consider this before taking up that job because on the long run you are going to need it.
  2. Can you build your career around the job: There are some jobs that makes it difficult to build a career, those kind of job only guarantees solving immediate needs and it can hardly fit into long term goal. It is very important to consider this fact before taking up that job offer.
  3. Does it fulfil your long term goals: Consider your goals (both short and long term goals) and your overall objectives and weave it around the content of the job offer. Doing this properly will put you into perspective towards your new job.
  4. Is it in conflict with your beliefs: Most unlikely to influence decisions, but make no mistake about this, everyone have a religious believe, and there comes that sober moment when you will want to be in a cordial relationship with your maker, do not let your job come into play when that moment come. It sure places one in a dilemma when the job is in conflict with your belief, except you are an atheist.
  5. What is your objective for taking up the job: Everybody has a reason for taking up a job offer, but for the most part, people take up a job in order to pay bills and survive, others may take up an offer just to get involved with work, depending on your objective please consider if the job meet up with your goals.
  6. Can you really do the job: During recruitment and selection stages, the employer does their best to employ the best hands for the job, they do this through series of aptitude test and interviews, and at the end they arrive at the people they feel are the best. It is the job of the employer to determine who can do the job, but only the employer because most job candidates cares less about whether they can really do the job. Save yourself from the embarrassment of getting sacked by asking yourself if you truly have what it takes to do the job.
  7. Is there a promotion prospect: The high rate of unemployment and the desperation to get a job sometimes beclouds our sense of reasoning. How much do you know about that company and its work environment? It is always a heartbreaking situation to expect much and get very less. Find out information about promotion prospect and the future direction of that company before you take up that job.

The fear of being jobless after graduation from the university is something that threatens an average Nigerian student, however we can take pride in what we are and that special role we can play. As we step into that stage where we will need a job to stay on point, please just know that your employer needs you as much as you need them. Do not throw caution to wind when that moment comes.

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