Personal Finance: How much money is too little to manage?

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Financial management is one subject that defines the disposition of any man towards contentment, modest lifestyle and standard of living. The financial capabilities of every worker out there is different, so is their demands and needs.

In today’s world money rules, and the general belief is that money moves the world. This assertion is absolutely correct as money can buy just about anything excerpt the gift of life. Make no mistake about this, with money even the gift of good health can be enhanced.

Most religious fanatics misjudge reality with expressions such as money is the root of all evil, money is not everything, it’s not all about money and similar expressions as such. The truth is money is not necessarily the root of all evil, but excessive love of money breeds evil and corruption.

People earn money through various means ranging from salary job to wages, trading, rendering of services etc. in the history of man, I don’t think there is anything that has not being done under the sun to make more money.

We usually judge standard of living through how much one own, or by the accumulated wealth. Every day we wake up in the morning and go to work, we go through all the rigors and challenges out there just to earn money. Yet others choose to make money through illicit and illegal means such as armed robbery, pilfering, kidnapping, fraud etc.

No matter how much is in the coffers, it seems not to ever be enough. This is because human needs are insatiable, as we solve this problem, more keeps coming up.

But how much is too little to manage? Well, to be real, this question is rhetoric in nature. There may probably be no honest answer to this. But there could be modalities to finding a satisfactory response to it. We can better understand this by also asking how much is too big to handle.

The crux of the matter lies within modesty, contentment, and a life of simplicity. No matter how much we have it can never solve all our problems. So also no matter how less of the money we have, we can only spend only what we can afford.

Human needs arises as a result of what is obtainable, what am saying is that for most modest people, what they do not have does not always form a pressing need, except it is one of those peculiar human problems that must be attended to, for example health challenges.

In our society today, there is a saying that insinuates that being a big man comes with bigger challenges, and this is true to some extent. While it is natural to expect problems within our reach, uncertainty can strike at any moment which is when life becomes very unfair.

Surviving with very less starts with the mind. It is natural for humans to adapt to situations quicker than expected. Most pressure from having very less money comes from people, especially those that expect much from us.

No matter how much pressure and life’s challenges we face, what we have is the only thing we can spend. So it is ideal to always take into account these facts when we have less to spend:

  1. There is no amount of money too big to acquire
  2. There is no amount of money too less to manage
  3. Panning accommodates whatever we have
  4. Modesty and contentment is the key
  5. Do not let what people say about your finances negatively influence you
  6. We can only spend from what we have

Since we live in a perilous time, a time of economic uncertainty where the rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer, all we can do to be at per with our folks is happiness. No matter how much we have, there are a few things we can never buy with money, those are life, true happiness, and love. There could hardly be too little money to manage, possess whatever you have with dignity and pride.


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