Your insured loss is still your problem – take precautions

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insurance in nigeria
insurance in nigeria

Insurance enables you return to the position you where before the loss. This is why people take out insurance cover and pay premiums that, in the event of loss occurring on the insured risk the insurance company pays claim.

However, taking out insurance do not mean the insured should leave him or herself loose because insurance company will pick the bills at the event of the unexpected happening.

Rather, the insured should having taking insurance cover, take necessary precautions against such losses happening. Such precautions could ensure providing other security gadgets  and CCTV equipments around the insured property to prevent burglary; fire extinguisher in case of fire; private security operatives and in the case of car, things like auto tracker would help ensure recovery in the event of theft.

The reason is that even though the insurance company will come to pay, the time between when the loss occurs and the time of replacement of the asset or rebuilding in case of  a house; the trauma and psychological impacts of the event or what if there was loss of life?. All of these no matter how small are better imagined than experienced, so the insured must do everything within his or her reach to prevent loss from occurring.

The whole idea is that, with or without insurance, take extra step

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