The True Test Of Leadership: David Nweze Umahi Example

Gov. Dave Umahi
Gov. Dave Umahi

By Philip Nweze

The one time Prussian king, Fredrick William 1, would be remembered as a man who contributed immensely to the upliftment of his people and unity and progress of his country. Fredrick’s developmental packages derived from his well articulated strategic reforms in the crucial areas of social, economic and political spheres. Unfortunately, his draconian style and rigid concept about governance and discipline earned him debilitating fear rather than the goodwill of Prussian citizens and residents alike.

Once, the well meaning but widely misunderstood monarch went about his business of despotic governance in the nation’s capital with a cane in his hand. The people panicked and scampered out of the way for safety, on sighting him.

Quite unfathomable to him was why any of his subjects would take to his heels on sighting him, rather than extending necessary courtesies to the royal household.

Grossly infuriated, the king ran after him and gave him the lashing of his life. On close enquiry, the victim asserted trembling, “I was afraid of you o king”.

“You should not fear me”, Frederick exclaimed, “but love me!” Emphatically evident to the king,  was the futility of compulsion in winning people’s love and the importance of adopting appropriate behavioural pattern and civil approach in human management. Love cannot be enforced by threat, edict or ordinances. King William’s reign was the era of Ancienne Regime or the Divine Right of kings.

Today, four centuries (17th-21th), there has been a tremendous shift in paradigm. It is our responsibility to be our brothers keeper and live in a nation where all men are expected to be equal before the law and be entitled to fairness in getting the dividends of democracy.

In Ebonyi, our amiable and indefatigable governor  (Engr) David Nweze Umahi has done much to change the landscape and improve the lot of the people, within so short a time in office.

Through a well configured development agenda , Governor.  Umahi has made far-reaching impact in the state, Ebonyians and residents alike.

As a man of peace, great leader and astute manger of resources, he realized the place of peace in the affairs of men, without which progress would be elusive. He embarked in Reconciliation mission on assumption of office.

For his former boss and mentor, he admonished his supporters, let no man see His Excellency. (Chief) Martin Nwancho Elechi as an enemy. He gave us the party (PDP) Chairmanship and the Deputy Governor’s position. Today we have the Governor.

One of the greatest achievements of his administration is reconciling the Ezza Ezillo brothers who have been at daggers drawn for decades.

His one-man-one-hectare agric programme and other agro-allied interventions have unlocked the agric potentials of the state and lifted thousands of small holder farmers out of poverty.  This has helped to meet the food requirement in many households in the state.

Time would fail me to elaborately recount his extensive rural and urban roads projects,  Flyover bridges in Abakaliki metropolis,  street light, robust health system and educational programmes among others.

Governor.  David Nweze Umahi, like Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, typifies a good Shepherd to his people. An acclaimed technocrat who has so far shown the mettle of a master strategist with ability to galvanize support for his well conceived projects that have won over the heart of his political opponents for the good of the state.

His Excellency, David Nweze Umahi has been accomplishing all these feats, not with whip behind the people to compel obedience. But deliberately giving ebonyians a new breath of life with dividends of democracy.

The pet project of his wife, family succour and upliftment Programme, has given hope to the hopeless and brought smiles to widows,  children and the physically challenged.

Her Excellency,  the wife of the Ebonyi state governor,  Chief. Mrs. Rachel Umahi has remained a tremendous support base to her dear husband in moving Ebonyi forward.





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