Nigerian Army past questions and answers for Regular Recruits Intake


Download Nigerian Army past questions and answers for Regular Recruits Intake

This e-book is a compilation of Nigerian Army past questions and answers for 75 Regular Recruits Intake (RRI) for tradesmen/women and non-tradesmen/women recruitment.

It’s always a wise approach to start preparing for the Aptitude Test if you are looking to join the Nigerian Army when the next recruitment begins. We all know that the best way to past an exam in Nigeria is through the study of previous questions.

We sourced for the Nigerian Army Past Questions and we can proudly tell you that we have compiled some of The Nigerian Army Past Questions in PDF copies.

This includes questions from Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.

Preparing with this material will give you an insight into the exams conducted by the Nigerian Army and also give an edge over your competitors, also there is a possibility you might come across the some of these questions in the exam.

Please note that even though many of the questions have their answers checked, we do not guarantee their correctness, so we advise you solved the questions by yourself.

Get a copy of Nigerian Army Past questions and start preparing.



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