Police Recruitment 2018: 21,878 Submit Application For 10,000 Jobs In 5 Days

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Police recruitment

The Police Service Commission says it has already received twenty one thousand, eight hundred and seventy eight thousand applications, for 10,000 job slots available.

This is coming just five days after the police opened its recruitment portal on Friday, November 30th, 2018, with the portal expected to close on 11th January 2019.

This is inline with the Federal Character requirement that such vacancies must remain open for six weeks from the day it was announced.

Financial Watch gathered out of the 21,878 applications already received, 20,217 applicants are males while 1,661 are females.

Niger State tops the list of applicants with 2,276 applications followed by Katsina with 1,677, Kano has 1, 577, while Bauchi, so far has 1,543.

Bayelsa has the lowest application of just 55, Ebonyi 88, Anambra, 107, Lagos 112 and Abia, 130. Imo State has 133 applicants, Delta, 150 and Enugu 167.

As earlier reported by Financial Watch, interested persons are expected to visit the link here and complete their application before the January 2019 deadline.

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