Account opening requirements for tier three kyc

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Account opening requirements for tier three kyc – The tier three level of KYC in Nigerian bank account is the highest level of accounts made for the fully banked individuals, what this means is that this level of account requires full details of the account holder as they poses more risk to the bank than the tier one and the tier two.

Accounts under tier three can be savings or current account, basically the following documents are required to run a tier three account in Nigeria:

  1. A valid primary ID card
  2. A valid means of address verification
  3. Full details of source(s) of funding the account
  4. Reference letter
  5. One passport photograph
  6. Duly filled account opening and mandate form

In most cases banks may have to reconfirm these documents by documenting a visitation report on the address, and cross-checking the ID cards with NIMC.


There is no limit to the cumulative balance and single deposit in a tier three account, however, for mobile/internet banking, there is single transfer limit of N100,000 and a maximum daily limit of N1,000,000.

Below is the full circular as issued by CBN on the tier three accounts:



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