Binance NFT Marketplace Launches “Bit Has Memories”, Featuring Highly Collectible Artwork

Binance NFT to tokenize Leonardo da Vinci Van Goghs artwork
Binance NFT to tokenize Leonardo da Vinci Van Goghs artwork

Binance NFT Marketplace Launches “Bit Has Memories”, Featuring Highly Collectible Artwork – Binance NFT Marketplace has announced The “Bit Has Memories” Premium Art Auction Event which will be available on the Binance NFT Marketplace from 2021-08-06 11:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-08-13 11:00 AM (UTC)!

This Premium Event brings together the top 9 OG NFT artists such as Krista Kim, Ali Sabet and Kefan404 , whose collectors include Kim Kardashian and other celebrities and KOLs, showcasing their exclusive, authentic artwork via a virtual gallery on Binance NFT Marketplace. Through this event, we reimagine and celebrate the future of art and blockchain with NFT OGs and the community.

Exclusive Auction Rewards – The successful bidder of each NFT art piece will receive a special NFT souvenir signed by the artist.

Bid for “Bit Has Memories” NFTs via digital auction here!

About the Collection

The collection presents three key themes: Boundary, Digital Narrative and Generative Art. Featuring a total of 21 highly collectible artwork, users can enjoy a myriad of art pieces of different genres, formats and techniques.

To dive deeper into the inspiration behind the collection, Bits are theoretically impersonal, but become connected to the living physical world when they assume the function of storing memories. The artists straddle between real and virtual worlds, where their expression of art becomes a container for our shared inner sound and memories.

About the Artists

Krista Kim – A Toronto-based contemporary artist whose work explores the concept of the digital consciousness. Krista is considered the founder of the Techism Art Movement and described as “A New Digital Rothko” by Forbes.

Ali Sabet – An Iranian-American artist whose works have been showcased around the world in collaboration with luxury brands such as Montblanc, Furla, BMW, John Varvatos and more.

Kefan404 – A Chinese digital artist based in Germany, he mainly focuses on Digital Art, Communication and Information Design. Kefan404’s works have been featured by Dezeen, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche’s Type7 and collected by global celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

L. Crego – The OG of GIF format and one of the pioneers of street art GIFs. For Crego, GIF format is not only a way of creating and watching art but a new way of thinking.

Joseba Elorza – One of the most popular Spanish crypto artists, also known as Mira Ruido. His works show us snapshots of a different world, implying a sense of ironic humor addressed to the society, and showing ordinary, well-known things in a confusing new way.

Twisted Vacancy – The creator of “First Supper” and a pop artist whose works represent many perspectives about Web3, pop-culture, and esotericism through allegories.

Ondrej Zunka – Recognized for his imaginative 3D animations, Ondrej has worked on projects for brands including Nike, Jordan, Puma, Apple, Burberry, MTV, Wacom and Prada.

Codedcrypt – An NFT artist and programmer who combines code and art to express the beauty of code in various seamless geometric animations.

Gene Kogan – An artist and programmer with experiences in generative art, collective intelligence, autonomous systems, and computer science.

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Terms & Conditions:

The NFT souvenirs will be airdropped to the Binance wallet of the successful auction bidders within 14 days after 2021-08-13 (UTC). Winners can check their rewards via Binance NFT Marketplace > User Center > NFT Assets > Collections.

Binance reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.

Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

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