Polychain Monsters Introduces Play-to-Earn with Polychain Islands

Polychain Monsters Introduces Play to Earn with Polychain Islands
Polychain Monsters Introduces Play to Earn with Polychain Islands

Polychain Monsters Introduces Play-to-Earn with Polychain Islands – Blockchain gaming is taking off and Polychain Monsters is becoming one of the most popular titles in the space. These animated cross-chain NFTs vary in scarcity and are discovered in digital booster packs. Collectors are then able to use them in off- and on-chain games and take advantage of DeFi features such as ERC-20 and BEP-20 PMON as well as NFT staking.

Now, Polychain Monsters has officially announced its first play-to-earn blockchain game, Polychain Islands. Taking place in the Polyverse, the on-chain game will count on a fun gameplay where players can participate in an online economy with rare collectibles and resource production.

The release was first hinted at on the development team’s roadmap in April and is currently under development. Since then, they’ve done research where gaming industry experts have pointed to the need for a sustainable yet entertaining in-game economy. One that lets users actually own the game. This is why Polychain Islands has set out to foster an environment where players can play, work, socialize and start meaningful projects together.

On Polychain Islands, players are presented with the need to team up and protect their territory. This is done by collecting and training new monsters which are then used in battle. They are also able to buy NFT-based land where they can harvest resources and start their own enterprises. All of which are an integral part of the game’s play-to-earn mechanics where players can trade or sell their earnings. Additionally, they can choose to participate in exciting new IDOs and create homes for their monsters.

It is important to note that the resources on Polychain Islands are backed by EIP-20 tokens. This makes them interoperable with different components of the DeFi ecosystem such as DEXs and Wallets. This allows players to obtain the most value from their effort in the game by letting them “cash out” to other currencies and reap the benefits of their in-game progress in the real world.

The team behind Polychain Islands is also at work on another gaming initiative which will be announced soon. Just as well, the new game will count on the expertise of highly skilled game development experts whom they partner with to give players the best experience possible.

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